Scanxiety- hip pain

Hello lovely ladies

I feel like a fraud writing on this page being that I currently have not been diagnosed with any secondaries. My breast consultant must think I’m high risk of a reccurance because she sends me for a scan of some sort every 6 months. 1 year ago due to shoulder pain I had a bone scan, 6 months ago also due to the shoulder pain she sent me for a CT scan and it showed up to suspicious areas on my liver. An MRI later they decided that they were both simple cyst so all panic was over. Don’t you hate the scan result wait, seems to feel like a life time. That was also not the first time that I had something show up on a scan, 2 years previous they found 7 enlarged nodes and a mass under my strernum. They also turned out to be benign but the mass was in a dangers place pressing on a main artery so it had to be removed.
Anyhow, my last appointment with the bc I mentioned that I think I’ve developed arthritis in my hip, The pain has been ongoing for over 8 weeks and gradually building to the point of tears and ibrupofen tablets and gel nor paracetamol is working and it’s hurts most when I’m sat down. It doesn’t stop me walking, however I have developed a slight limp. I also told her about the pains in my lymphodema arm which at the moment isn’t too swolllen but is causing a lot of pain especially at the top of my arm:shoulder area. I asked if the last bone scan had shown any signs of arthritis before going to the gp so she went to look at it again and promptly decided to send me for another bone scan. She advised me to get some calcium and vit D from the doctor and tell her about the pains. I went to the gp still quite convinced that my pains were arthritis and that the BC was overreacting a little. My Doc said my pains don’t sound like arthritis to her and strongly advised I get the bone scan done so now I’m in scanxiety limbo land again.
I wondered if I explained my pains you lovely ladies could compare with me.
So the pain started around 8 weeks ago and has gone from only being painful at night and with the cold to feeling painful most of the time but mostly whilst sat down or lay down in bed. The pain feels like it’s coming from either of 2 places, the first being in the ball and socket joint and the 2nd feels like it’s the top of the femur. It’s a constant burning ache with a pull, stitch like sensation and my arm just aches like mad at the top of the arm into the shoulder, it’s gotten worse where I really struggle to hang washing on the line, write with a pen, hold the steering wheel or even hold my phone up to read it. The new bit is a numbness or pins and needles sensation when I use the arm or hold it in a certain position.

I’m sorry it’s a long rant but it’s hard to fit everything in and I’m sorry if I’m intruding on you ladies too.

Hello and a big welcome from us …please don’t feel guilty about posting as fear is a terrible thing we all live with especially with scans …
Until you get the results …you must try to relax …bone mets are funny blighters as they don’t always cause problems until they start pressing on something !!
You have done the right thing in getting things checked out …I was misdiagnosed with sciatica and arthritis over a year and then when I got the scan results things were not good but I was unlucky …
Please pop by and let us know your results …we are holding hands for things to be ok .
Hugs xxx

I will definitely nip in to tell you. I’m currently awaiting the appointment for the scan. It’s usually done within 3 weeks from being requested so hopefully it won’t be long. I’m nervous as always when I’m sent for a scan but the fact that 1 year ago I had a clear scan I’m positive that it will be fine. It’s just the anxiety of the scan that’s the biggest problem. I have looked at other options like bursitis, arthritis, sciatica and muscular pains but I don’t seem to fit in them brackets. I think I need to get better pain relief and may even ask for a referral to a physiotherapist though x

I think and hope with all my being that everything comes back fine. I was quite happy believing I was just getting older and arthritis was to Blame. My GP said it’s unlikely as I’m only 33 but I refuse to believe it’s anything more sinister. I have some bloods taken on Thursday to check my inflammation levels so I should get them results tomorrow and then my bone scan is booked for Tuesday so hopeful I won’t have too long a wait for the results. It doesn’t matter how positive you try and keep yourself whilst waiting, it’s always there in the background niggling away at you.