Does anyone have any good tips about how to keep calm before scan results? I am due CT and bone scans early March and feel myself getting stressed already! Ruth x

I don’t have many tips because scans are the thing I really dread, not the scans themselves but the results. I try to put anxious thoughts into a mental filing cabinet, don’t laugh! Then I’m allowed to open that drawer only once a week or twice a day as the big day approaches, whatever works for you. When finished I shut that drawer and lock it. I’m not allowed to open it again.

If this doesn’t work for you, maybe just thinking that scans are good, you are being well monitored and the docs can change your meds to better suit you. On the day I have Bach Rescue Remedy, it works for me. March is a long way off, you have lots of living to do before then xx

h so with xxyou on this one…waht a brilliant term…scanxiety. Scans are bad enough but the wait for results is absolute agony…cant expalin to anyone who hasnt been there. No tips on how to deal with it…havent found anything that works yet!! how strong we must be to kep getting through it. Love and hugs to all thse goint through this particular trauma.