Scar- HELP -is thereanybody there?!


Hoping someone may be doing some late night browsing and notice this! 

Had my WLE for high grade Dcis 7 weeks ago . Scar healing well although have noticed few pains recently but nothing to worry about ,so I thought. 

Just going to bed and noticed a red area at one end of scar. There had been a “dissolvable” stitch that hadn’t dissolved and had stuck out like a tiny wire but I noticed recently that had gone. Now , where that stitch was is the

Small red ares with tiny hole and if I gently press , blood and pus ( small amounts) come out .

Am due to start radiotherapy soon - planning scan on Tuesday- now I.m wondering if that will be delayed until this is sorted. 

Anyone else had anything similar. Have waited a while for rads so don’t want this to delay it ( or for scar to breakdown for that matter)

Any advicegreatly appreciated.     Xx

Hi Aggielou. I have wound breakdown voucher was due to the type of surgery I had. But right at the beginning I worried that it was a wound infection. I had no symptoms like blood or pus just a smell to start with. I rang my breastfeeding care nurse rather than go to the GP and they saw my the same day, got a consultant to look and I was prescribed antibiotics as a precaution although swabs showEd clear of infection. That may be the quickest route for you to go down. It does sound like it’s very localised at the minute especially if you are well in yourself but the quicker you get it sorted the better. Good luck xx

Dunno where the voucher came from but should have said ‘but that was down to’

Bottyboo, never mind voucher it’s the breastfeeding care nurse that made me howl lol x

??? oops I really must read my posts. I am going to delete breastfeeding out of my dictionary cos it keeps bloody autocorrecting ?

Breaststroke is now what it auto corrects to Helly ?? argh !!!

Hi - thanks for your reply. I contacted breast care nurse next day and she said come in so they could see it. When she looked - said seemed like it had been a stitch that had  now gone but stuff had collected round it but now that was gone and it looked OK - just a little red. Don’t need antibiotics and it won’t delay radiotherapy. Felt reassured and then was able to go back to work without worrying about things getting worse over weekend. BCN also said that twinges and fleeting discomforts at site of op were normal which was also reassuring. 

So hopefully after my planning scan on Tues I will hear when I can start radiotherapy. 

Aggielou, I had a very similar experience after expander implant between chemo and rads. Apparently it is common for the surgeon to leave the final stitch sticking out as somehow that reduces infection risk.

Just a word if warning that I went into rads with a perfectly healed scar but rads caused a tightening of the skin and pulled part of the scar open. My surgeon reduced the implant and I continued rads with a dressing in place. All healed well subsequently.