Scar pain after Mastectomy


I had a mastectomy 3 weeks ago and have had a lot of pain from the scar since. The scar is fine - not infected and healing well. I have a soft prosthetic but when I wear it in a bra my scar is painful. Is that normal? Is it just abit early and I need to give it more time? I am not taking any painkillers anymore so that is one option, but at 3 weeks I don’t know if I should still expect to be on painkillers?

The nurses said that most ladies are numb and feel no pain and the soft prosthetic is not an issue at all so feeling abit anxious.

Hi Jelly, 

It could also be the nerves healing as well & you’ve only recently had surgery. I had a WLE, but I do remember having some stabbing type pains when it was healing.

If you feel you need some painkillers, then do take them, there’s no right or wrong on this & we’re all different. Obviously, if it persists, it would be an idea to get it checked out for your peace of mind. 

ann x