Scar question

I had my op - WLE and pilot lymph nodes -  a little over 2 weeks ago, the wounds have healed well and seem clean and smooth, much to my relief. So I’m wondering when can I start using something like bio-oil to moisturise them? I forgot to ask the nurse at my appointment cos I was too caught up in trying to make sense of what comes next.

I know from what I’ve read that when I start radiotherapy - that’s a definite - I’ll need to moisurise quite intensively, but should I start sooner?


Thanks in advance for any ideas





I would leave off using bio-oil until you have had an opportunity to speak with your team.  It depends on the ingredients as to how it will affect your skin during radiotherapy.  The usual moisturiser that the rads team recommend is E45. 


Helena xx

Hi Lin


I used an organic calendula cream,which worked wonders when I was having radiotherapy. Not a mark on me after treatment. Doesnt’ have to be organic of course, but the purer the better as this will nourish the skin better. I was advised on E45 cream too - but Id heard there are some nasties in it (not sure what tho !) Will have to do some research on that one.


Pod xx