Scar tissue after DIEP

i am 10 weeks post MX and immediate DIEP reconstruction. The recon breast is healing ok but the tummy scar is another matter.
half the scar feels as though there is a ‘rope’ running underneath and feels hard and raised.
i cannot fault my treatment so far to remove the cancer but I seem to have been dropped from any priority and very much left to fend for myself now that the cancer has been taken away.
the tummy scar has ‘dog ears’ both sides as well as the poorly healing scar but it seems that rectifying this is now classed as ‘cosmetic’ so is unlikely to be sorted on the NHS. If I have a nipple constructed then they can probably do a tidy up on the tummy at the same time so,it looks like I will have to go for that option if I want the tummy sorted.
anybody got any good advice for anything to get the tummy scar healing better?

hello Duffer56

Whilst waiting for replies you may find it useful to contact our free helpline on 0808 800 6000 and talk to one of the staff there, opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 – 2.00.

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June, moderator

I had a delayed reconstruction DIEP about 18 months ago - like you my tummy wound caused me the most problems breast was fine and still is fantastic but had infection and they had to re open my wound and I was in hospital for about 2 weeks on anti biotics to clear it up. as they opened it up twice my scar was unsightly and I thought would never heal. But in fact it has settled down - initially I just put on vasaline as suggested by the dressings clinic but once the wound was fully closed and stitches desolved i was given some gel on NHS its called Dermatix and can only be got on prescription it helped heal my wounds. When I went back for a follow up my surgeon suggested I get some Scar Repairex which you cannot get on NHS but order from Amazon - he said it was brilliant. I bought a small jar of this and only have to use a small amount on my scars and it lasts about 6 months its about £43 but for me worth it (I spend that on face cream and my body is important to me). I do still get tightness though particularly at end of day or when I have eaten a lot - but its bearable. I haven’t had any tidy up of my tummy wound as didn’t need it - although I did have some lipo suction when I had my uplift and nipple both on my tummy and also at side of both breasts - the Lipo helped considerably and I now have a lovely flat tummy with only about 2 inches of noticeable ‘scarring’ the rest has healed to a lovely flesh coloured ‘line’ which you can hardly see. I do of ladies who have had tidy ups and dog ears done though and although its not considered ‘urgent’ its not ‘cosmetic’ its part of your treatment and you should discuss this with your surgeon and I am sure he will put you on a waiting list - you may have to wait a while but its worth it in the end I promise.

I had a “tidy up” about 5 weeks ago - nipple recon, dog ears and lipo on my breast and hips. As Saffronseed says it is part of the treatment and it is worth it. While my scar was healing after the original DIEP I massaged it with BioOil.