Scar tissue massage

Has anyone any tips on massaging scar tissue after wle or can anyone point me in the direction of any literature on the subject. I’m sure I did read a bit about it on one of the threads a while ago but can’t seem to find it again.


That was probably me, singing the praises of how much difference physio treatment made to my scars, and moaning about the fact that we get so little info on the subject!
The physio massaged the scar (which had got stuck to my ribs underneath) until it moved freely again, and carried on massaging over several sessions to make sure it stayed that way and to smooth the surface of the scar. I had breast reduction and lift type surgery combined with the lumpectomy so had bigger and thicker scars than a WLE.
The physio showed me how to massage my scars myself and recommended applying silicone gel scar reduction ointment to improve the colour. I have since discovered that silicone gel scar reduction sheets (that stick on - they are self-adhesive) were even more effective at improving the colour and surface smoothness of the scars.
Hope this helps - I wish I’d known all this soon after surgery, since the sooner you start massaging after it has healed, the better.
Sarah x

I am undergoing steroid treatment for extensive keloid scarring following my second mastectomy. My dermatologist told me that agitation/chafing of a scar massively increases risk of it becoming keloid/hypertrophic. So I would tread very carefully on massaging any scar tissue.
You can buy silicone gel strips on Ebay - I personally found them intolerable - sting like hell after a while. Apparently they only work on 10% of patients.

Hi Sarah and Molly,

Actually bought the silicone gel in a tube and although you found the scar reduction sheets uncomfortable Molly I’ll give them a shot. Also will find myself a physio to show me how to massage properly.


Hi Tiny Tina,

Try giving the helpline here a ring and have a chat with them about it, they may be able to help.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

You’d better be prepared for a run on calls about scar massage, JoBCC!

My scar after re-excision is indented, and not getting much better, so I’m very interested in doing something to improve it. I’ve been concentrating on just getting through chemo but once that’s over I’m hoping I’ll be able to turn my mind to other things.

Perhaps it depends on the type of surgery and therefore scars? Certainly in my case the surgeon recommended massaging the scars, but didn’t give me enough info about it. A number of leaflets also suggest it. Of course you must use common sense and if it starts to get sore then don’t continue.

The instructions with the silicone gel sheets say to only use them for 8 to 12 hours per day. I tried using them for longer (by mistake, I didn’t read the instructions properly) and found the skin suffered.

Sarah x

Hi there, I used bio oil on mine once the scabs had gone, now 14 weeks on from bilateral mx and the scars are looking really good, though there’s still a bit of seroma and swelling, and some slightly adhesive bits when I raise my arms. I haven’t had rads or chemo though, I guess that would make things more difficult. I’ve not seen any research, and would be very interested to see what it says if anyone digs some up!

Hi -I was advised to use aqueous cream both as a soap and in the morning and evening.I had two wle 2 weeks apart (the last one was on April 20th)and there is no lumpiness on either the wle or the scar from the sentinel node removal -not sure if it was luck or not but might be worth a try and even be the cheapest option!feel free to pm me if it helps
good luck
Marie x

Hi All thank you for all your comments. Have been using aqueous cream since wle last november but like choccie the scar has become more indented. I have been told to massage and give things a little longer to settle down and if still not happy they will use lipofill technique to fill the dent out.
Wish they did Botox Cream for boobs!!