Scar Tisue


My mastectomy was just over 6 weeks ago. My scar is firmly attached to what seems like my rib cage, there is no movement at all. (Absolute zero)

Is this normal, or am I just not doing enough exercises. Is it too late now and will it affect a reconstruction.


Hi Deb

Its normal, I was convinced that the surgeon had attached mine to my ribs.

So yes its exercise exercise exercise and 8 months on I still stretch and if I don’t I get tightness in various areas. But the ribs are no longer attached!!.

For the first 6 weeks I did the set exercises off the bcc sheet, which I blu tacked to the kitchen wall by the fridge to remind me. I did the exercises 3 times a day until I started rads then twice a day. Then because of cording saw a physio. Some advice that I found really helpful from her was - if there is an area that is tight, then stretch it into discomfort, but not pain and hold the stretch for at least 20 seconds and time it using a clock, don’t guess. - I still follow that advice.
I also gently massaged any stiff areas twice a day with aqueous cream especially along the scar line - you get lovely soft skin if nothing else!

Are you having rads? because initially that can also tighten things up.

I know some time ago there was a discission on this topic, so if i can find anything helpful on it I may do a cut and paste.

All the best

M x

Hi dbusby

Here is the link to the bcc exercise booklet, Magsi referrers to above:-

I hope you find it helpful.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator

I have adhesions, some of my breast skin is attached to the muscle below. Can’t say I’ve managed to do anything to stop this.


Hi again Deb

The following is taken from a posting I did April 4 months after my surgery from a thread about rads

I also had those stabbing pains like a needle had been left inside and suddenly jabs you - odd but they have gradually gone (9 weeks since I finished rads)
I had a mastectomy so no problem with a firm boob (if only!!) but the chest wall became very tight during and after rads. At one point I was gently massaging the area 3 times a day with aqeous cream especially along the scar or on anything that felt like scar tissue and still do most morning and evenings. The whole area is less tight but still feels at times as though eveything has become stuck to my ribs - that calls for a firm massage across chest wall - but not in Asdas!
From what I’ve read the area needs exercising / stretching for up to 2 years after rads- think of the toned upper bodies we will have.

Thinking about it - another thing I did was to put my hand against the ribs and move the skin upwards towards the scar line just loosening up the area and above the scar moved the skin downwards - GENTLY
I did find some info on one of the American sites. If you google Ongoing Recovery it should come up as the first site. There is some helpful info on exercises and scar tissue massage - thats where they suggest the 1 - 2 year timescale.
Hope you find some of this useful

Magsi x

Thanks for your comments. I didn’t have rads. I am now just thinking about having a reconstruction, but wondered how they do it if my scar has so firmly adhered.

I have now been stretching all day…now I really ache!!

I think its little and often Deb !!
Its a long road and it takes time but it will work.
I used to start the exercises in bed in the morning - body nice and warm and plenty of space and pillows.

You may find the following a useful link

M x