Scared about Dimple?

Hi all. this is my first post here. I was dx with BC in June 2014 in left breast: grade 1 stage 1 ER+ HER2-. I had a lumpectomy and rads x 15 then on Tamoxifen for 5 years. Last month I noticed a very slight dent/dimple under a feint red vein on my right breast (this vein has been there for many years). The dent is barely visible from most angles but is most seen when I clench my arms by my sides. If I raise my arm it is only slight. I had my last annual mammo December 2016 which was clear. i know that mammos are not 100% reliable and after reading the horror stories from 2 ladies who had dimples in the press recently, I went to my GP last Friday. I have been to him several times for other “scares” about BC and he has been very good in referring me back to my care team which he also did on this occasion. However from past experiences I am worried about the length of time this can take as the hospital catogorises referrals as urgent (2 weeks), “soon” (6 weeks) or non urgent (3 months!) By a process of elimination I have figured if it was a new primary it could be HER2+ or even worse triple negative (as Tamoxifen blocks Oestrogen) and these are almost always grade 3 so can spread more rapidly. I have Asperger’s Syndrome which means I get extemely stressed and anxious with waiting/uncertainty and how seriously the consultant will take my case. I do not have faith in it being anything other than BC as I was told that when originally diagnosed but as I am older and have had no children I feel the odds are stacked against me! Any advice on getting a quick appointment so I can get this over and done with one way or another? 


Sorry that you have found yourself here. You must feel extremely anxious right now. As far as I know, the hospital has to see you within 2 weeks especially with your medical history. However, the best thing to do is speak to your gp again just to clarify.

Sending a hug xx

Hi Oldspice , it’s impossible not to worry when you’ve been through it once already isn’t it.Any change/twinge worries you .Im sure you will have been referred as Urgent with your history .Hope The appointment comes soon for you .Jill.

Sue how do find the Amytryptaline ?I have been prescribed it for post op nerve pain by GP,I have also had some anxiety issues but .I haven’t started it yet a bit wary of more side effects ?

Thanks Rubycat.Ive been rather unlucky with side effects in the past -you know the ones at the very bottom of the list where it says 1 in a 1,000 people get this etc etc so I’m being a bit of a wuss when it comes to trying new drugs but can’t stay doped up on codeine indefinitely .I have been told to try lowest dose 10mg .Glad it worked for you .Glad to know it’s in much higher doses as an antidepressant as I don’t really want any mood altering side effects just pain relief .Sounds like you are having a rubbish time on Anastrozole -so cruel to get through breast cancer then be tortured by other things isn’t it !!!

Thanks Sue ,gonna have to be brave and give it a go !!!

Big girls pants are a necessity in this game!!! Pass the pants!!

Hi all and thanks for your input. I did not really want to go down the medication route for anxiety as I work f/t and get up very early so can’t afford to have a fuggy head (my normal reaction to sleeping pills). I know everyone is different but has anyone out there had an experience similar to mine (ie some suspected slight changes to other breast after original dx and have a positive outcome? That may give me some hope while I play the waiting game with the hospital x

I’ve spoken to lots of ladies who have had false alarms post diagnosis ,you are bound to fear the worst but you may well find that there is a non sinister explanation for your symptoms .

Gosh how frustrating for you.Good job you rang up.You just want to know one way or another don’t you ,the waiting is the worst in this game .Hopefully when you do get seen they will be able to re-assure you on the day ,Did they give you any idea of the average wait for an appointment ? You could tell them you will accept a cancellation if you don’t live too far from the hospital ?

I think someone else on here suggested contacting patient liaison service in situations like this ,may help as you have already been waiting over a week since original referral .

Worth a try ,hope you get somewhere The waiting is bad enough even without cock ups .

Hi everyone,

just thought I would update you on what is happening. After much chasing and frustration over the past week I spoke to the Patient Advisory Liaison Service today who told me they would sort something out, as they also felt it was unacceptable for me to be left “in limbo” like this. So I have finally got an urgent appointment this Thursday (3rd August) for a consultant to examine my “dimple”. Feeling less stressed and anxious now that I know something is being done at last. Thanks to everyone for your helpful and supportive comments.

Michele Ann x

Brilliant shame you had to chase it like that .Its def worth mentioning to anyone having problems like this to contact PALS.

Can I just add my good wishes for Thursday Oldspice. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Gillx

Hi everyone! Just to update on my appointment I got to see the “top dog” consultant (probably as I kicked up a fuss) He had a good look and examined my right breast, but advised there were no concerns and that the breast was sagging due to tissue loss. I asked if I needed an ultrasound to check and he said no, and that he was happy to leave it and see me when I have my annual mammo in December. 

Do you feel better now then ?

Yes. I trust the opinion of the consultant as he must have seen thousands of boobs and would know if something was not right. Got another health issue now (lesion under top lip and I have been referred for biopsy) so have to go through the whole rigmarole of waiting and anxiety again?

Never ending !!!

It is. On facebook today I likened my body to a rogue nuclear state which needs to be contantly monitored for toxic activity. Oh the joys (not!) of being a cancer survivor!