scared about upcoming FNA and mammogram

Hello just coming here for some support and maybe reassurance? I’m 40 and have had a lump near my  nipple right breast since Oct 2016. I went straight to my GP did an ultrasound, came back as a cyst, had another follow up a Oct 2017 said it had gotten a bit smaller, looked to be simple but not sure there were a few other small scattered simple cysts too. Had another ultrasound last week as I said to my GP I wanted one 3 months laer not 6 given my Aunt had BC at 59. So went and had it and the results were it’s now “complex” and a bit bigger. So I"m terrified now as my GP said we should get an FNA done and mammogram. Never had either done before as I just turned 40. I check myself every month and ask my DH too as well so I"m diligent. But I’m petrified as I suffer anxiety. I’m worried it’s cancer. I go Thursday for these tests but I know it will be agonising waiting. My hubby is going to come with me but they said it will take up to 4 hours so he said he’ll go and do some errands and shopping we need but my fear is that they will see soemthing as they said if they see something that is bad they will tell you and I will be on my own facing it…

anyone??? :mansad:

Hi Kitn77,


I thought I would just see if I could offer any reassurance about your appointment on Thursday.  I don’t know about simple or complex cysts I am afraid, but might be able to put your mind at rest a bit about what might happen at the clinic appointment.  I had never had a mammogram before when I was referred to the breast clinic in November last year as I am 46 and therefore below the screeing age.  The mammogram is a bit uncomfortable but I have a large bust (38DD).  Mine wasn’t painful as such, more uncomfortable.  I found the one where they squash you sideways was a bit more uncomfortable than the one from above but it was bearable.  I was surprised they took films of both sides even though I was there with a lump in my left breast but they said this was normal practice (in the UK) so don’t be surprised if they do do each side.  The positioning in the machine is a bit odd as they guide you and its a bit weird letting someone else move you to get you into the right position.  It is normally quite quick - the first one of mine was done in about 5 minutes.  The second one took a bit longer as they were looking at the specific spot again and wanted some closer shots but it was ok.  The team will guide you with what you need to do, where you need to stand, how to put your arms etc.  One bit of practical advice if you can wear either a skirt or trousers and a top so you only have to remove your top half of your clothing.  It’s just a bit more comfortable being able to leave your bottom half on. 


I didn’t have a FNA - I had an ultrasound guided biopsy and a core biopsy.  However, from what I understand an FNA is where they insert a fine needle into the area they want to have a look at and draw off some fluid.  I am sure someone will be along who has had an FNA and give you some more info but I think they can tell from the colour of the fluid which comes out what they may think they are dealing with. 


I don’t know whether you are going to a one stop shop type clinic.  If you are then they may be able to give you the results of the FNA and mammogram there and then.  If they take any biopsys then normally there is a wait of one to two weeks while the results come back, although I know some people have received these results on the same day too.  Please don’t be alarmed if they do decide to take biopsys in addition to the FNA - it doesn’t mean you definitely have BC - they are checking and there are lots of other things lumps can be.  Someone made the point on this forum that they are breast clinics, not breast cancer clinics and that is very wise advice. 


If it is possible then I would ask your husband if he could stay with you for the appointment.  It is nice to have someone there as an extra pair of ears and also to be there as support for you.  If you can try and take something with you to pass the time too - a magazine, book or some music to listen too.  It may distract you at least a bit, although I found I was too busy watching the comings and goings in the clinic. 


The worst part is the waiting - for appointments, for results and it can be very difficult. Try if you can to stay away from Dr Google, nothing good comes from there.  There is loads of support on this forum, I know it has been a godsend to me.


Very best of luck on Thursday, sending you lots of good wishes and hugs X



Just thought I would reply to your post as I have experienced having both simple and a complex cyst. Right from the start I was reassured that the chance of a complex cyst being cancerous is very low, apparently according to the doctor I saw less than 0.5% are malignant. I believe complex cysts vary greatly as to what they contain but are different from simple cysts because they contain solid ‘bits’ instead of just liquid. In my case this was simply what they described as ‘debris’ but they did take a Fna of the liquid and a biopsy of the cyst wall. All came back fine and I was told I didn’t need any follow up. Since then I have also had a fibroadenoma which caused me much more of a worry with inconclusive results and a lengthy wait to see the doctor. Luckily all OK in the end so I feel very fortunate. Hope this helps, I found the support on this forum wonderful, especially whilst waiting for my results in a panic stricken state! I always check the forum once a week so I can hopefully offer advice to those who have cysts or fibroadenomas. Good luck with everything and fingers crossed you get results and are reassured quickly.


Love Helen xx



Glad that I have hopefully reassured you a bit, although I know you will still worry. I still do now and almost dread checking my boobs in case I find another lump and have to go back to the clinic again (I’ve been four times now!). Each time is such a worry but every time I have been told it’s fine and lumps are benign so it shows just how often this must happen! 


My mum in law came with me and was allowed in with me to see the doctor but not in the ultrasound (I didn’t have a mammo). Think only you will be allowed in for that. By the way, neither biopsy or fna was painful, slight discomfort only, albeit with quite a bit of bruising afterwards.


All the best and yes, would like to hear how you get on. 


Love and hugs,


Helen cf

Hi Kitn77,


I am glad to hear it has been helpful.  Very best of luck for tomorrow and please do let us know how you get on.  Sending you a virtual hug X

Hello everyone, I will know more tomorrow or Monday. The Radiologist said he hoped tomorrow. He did say he didn’t think the cyst looked like cancer just a simple cyst with some debris in it, but we’ll know 100% witht the biopsy and mammogram results.

He also said my breasts are very dense and that very dense breats are 6 times more likely to get breast cancer and even though I had a 3D mammogram they still like to do an ultrasound or MRI yearly to make sure, but he will discuss that with me.

That really frightened me with the very dense breasts, I knew they were on the dense side but didn’t think it made a huge diffence to whether you would get cancer.

I did research it myself and  he appears to be right…it’s scary but if I"m diligent like I am that’s a good thing right.

I’ll report back once I know for sure.

Thanks everyone xx




Sounds like positive news overall. I’m the same as you- have been told I have very dense breasts. Although they’ve said it does increase the cancer risk, they didn’t seem overly concerned and just told me to keep regularly checking - I don’t have any regular hospital screening (40 yrs so not yet having mammograms).


Hope Monday brings positive news,


Love Helen xx