Scared and changing my mind about DIEP Surgery

Hi - I am really panicking about the DIEP surgery this morning and seriously considering changing to an implant. I think this is an option. I have not been advised against implants, but pretty early on my surgeon assessed that I was suitable for DIEP and encouraged me down that route I would say. The appointments I had at the plastic surgeons where very brief like 5 minutes and again focussed on whether I was a suitable candidate. CT scan etc. Rather than an opportunity to get o tknwo the surgeon and ask questions. I have really found out about what will happen / likely outcomes on forums like here ( very grateful!). I am Looking for some advice and seeing whether anyone else has done the same. Changed at the last minute or Panicked and still gone through with it. I am so scared of the op - mainly the recovery! Does the implant option really have that many drawbacks in the long term compared to DIEP? Thanks so much. 

If you are unsure tell them , it’s your body and you have to live with the changes you are making . Ask to talk it through before going ahead , if you are still unsure ask to postpone - don’t be railroaded .