scared and confused

I am 24 years old. Since I was around 12-15 I’ve had quite lumpy breasts but never got them checked, I always thought there was no chance it could be something bad anyway. As the time went by, the lumps started to appear more and got a little bit sore. Just recently while speaking with my aunt, she said that she had a small cyst on her breast (benign) and I told her I had lumps on the side of my breasts. She was shocked and told me to get it checked, reassured me that it might be nothing, but since we have a history of breast cancer in the family I should see my doctor.

I noticed that the lumps were “less noticeable” after my menstruation but they were always there.

Just recently I noticed an even larger lump on my right breast and I freaked out. I still am. Today I went to see my GP and she said my breasts were really lumpy and tender, and said the right one was a lot more than the left one and asked me which was more sore. After she told me not to be worried because it is very common, but she would refer me to the breast clinic to be sure. Within 2 weeks I will have an appointment. What should I expect? Should I be worried? I am living abroad far from my friends and family, I only have one close friend living with me. I feel terrified and I don’t know what to do. I feel like crying all the time and can’t get my head clear… 


Hi Marina,it’s very, very likely to be nothing to worry about,the symptoms you are describing could have many other explanations .GPs will refer you for further investigations if there is even the slightest doubt ,the vast majority of referrals to the breast clinic turn out to be absolutely nothing sinister .Its a very scary time,have you confided in your friend ,it helps to have some moral support when you go to the appointment .Let us know how you get on.Jill.