Scared and emotional

Hi everyone,


This is my first post although I have been reading lots during my treatement,

I was diagnosed Jan 2015, with grade 3 invasive ductal breast cancer, Hers 2 positive.  Have received treatment of sentinal lymph nodes removed, 6 sessions of Chem (chemo shrunk tumour totally), surgery (Lumpectomy) followed by 15 sessions of rad, still have sub cont Herceptin ( 4 more to go).


I’m returning to work next week phased 3 hours for 2 days per week to start with, I’m not sure whether its that at the back of my mind but im feeling a little scared and very emotional.


Is it normal to keep feeling like this, still got side effects from chemo which probably doesnt help.


Look forward to hearing from you all.



Hi meg I was diagnosed December 2015 so very similar to you I was grade 2 no lymph node involvement but her 2 positive so I had chemo of which I could only manage two as I was so poorly I had three weeks radiotherapy and am currently number 14 herceptin so similar to yourself I am also on letrozole which out of everything I’ve had I seem to be struggling with that achy joints are the main side effect but herceptin also causes joint pain so I’m not sure sometimes I’m still really tired and am still off work but going back shortly I have cut my hours on returning when I have my herceptin now I do feel done in for a few days but having said that I’m so grateful for all the care and attention I’ve had from the McMillan unit and my lovely breast care nurse it still seems so surreal as I hadn’t a clue until I received a call from my hospital it was picked up on a routine mammogram this forum is brilliant I’ve been on here since diagnosis I’ve talked to and met up with some fantastic ladies love Judi xxx


First post was diagnosed last December lumpectomy mastectomy chemo and radiotherapy… Thought I coped really well.

I’m still on hercrptin and tamoxifen but coping well with minimal side effects.

Total emotional breakdown this week… Worrying about everything. Every ache and pain I’m scared. Went to see my doctor today who has been amazing … A good cry and lots of reassurance feeling much more positive.
Not sure if this has been brought on by my first full week back at work… It has been great going back to work and fitting into “normal life” again but just listen to your body and accept when you’ve done enough.

Luckily I have tomorrow off to recharge and hopefully ease my anxiety.

Good luck starting back x