Scared for my appointment

So a couple weeks ago, I noticed a random sore on my left breast. It was round and ref around it. I tried picking at it and it hurt pretty good so I left it alone and didn’t think anything of it. Monday morning, I woke up with a burning pain down the left side into my armpit and down under my silicone implant. 

I messaged my dr and have an appointment this Thursday. They called me again this am and made an appointment for imaging the following week, before even being seen. 

i am having massive anxiety and cannot think about anything else and just found out I’m pregnant last night. I have been taking ivermectin because I had covid and I’m just a mess. Any advice welcomed. Thank you 

@LisaMarie21  Hi 

Noticed you haven’t had a reply so thought I would say you are in the best place for support from this wonderful place.

Hope you went on ok with your appointment 

Lou x

How are you doing? I have to have an ultrasound done i am having pain on my breast and I jave 2 lumps