Scared I may have secondary cancer

Brief History.

2017 her 2 breast cancer, treated with radiotherapy, I have copd, heart problems with Aortic Aneurism

I have spent 3 days in hospital this week because of severe chest pains. Gp sent for ambulance thinking heart problems. Loads of tests on heart with only a small increase in Aneurism with constrast ct scan.

Diagnosis, lesions in lungs ?mestatisis

fractured ribs

I am so scared this is a secondary cancer, I am having an urgent scan in two weeks.


Is this the start of lung cancer

In my experience once you have had breast cancer they always seem to assume that anything unusual is mets when in reality there could well be other explanations . 3 of my scans said possible mets but it turned out to be a bone condition causing the changes .

I hope you get good news it’s a shame you have to wait 2 weeks for a scan .

Hi Saphire

I doubt very much that it’s the start of lung cancer though obviously none of us can diagnose your condition. But let’s assume worst case scenario - that your breast cancer has returned. Wherever it returns, it is still breast cancer. So someone with secondary mets in their liver, for instance, has breast cancer in their liver. Mine is behind the bridge of my nose - still breast cancer. Bit of a weird experience but…

As Jill said, there may be lots of possible explanations. Unfortunately the language used often directs us back to cancer (‘lesions’ can mean all sorts of other things, including damage done by radiotherapy, depending where the lesion is) and, of course, your existing health condition is pretty scary too. Fractured ribs account for a lot of chest pain, if I remember my own experience properly. Downright agony?

You probably learnt from your primary experience that there is a lot of waiting and a lot of patience is needed. It’s no different now. Think back to how you managed before and try to relax until you have some facts that give you something to worry about. Try to relax? Well, yes, it IS possible if you find the right tool. Try the NHS-endorsed apps like Calm and Headspace or search YouTube for Progressive Hypnosis (which has been my daily break for almost 5 years now).

Hoping for a positive (ie not SBC) outcome xx

Hello Saphire,

I have had family members with severe lung issues.

My father (emphysema) and sister (copd)had lots of courage and made it through there treatments

with the help of the fantastic medical people and me. I am being treated for breast cancer.

I wanted to know how are you?

Best Regards,


Dear Saphire, I’m sorry you’re feeling so scared and anxious. It’s a horrible feeling I know. Have you a hospice near you with a team of nurses where you can seek help. Or if not try ringing the nurses on here for a chat and advices. I am so lucky as I live near the macmillan hospice and I can access a team of nurses with my secondary condition. They are on hand for me to contact at any time and always follow things ip for me if ever I need it. My breast cancer nurses who I was put in touch with other for my primary diagnosis were not very good I must be honest, always too busy and I was told to contact someone else, however your team maybe better and be there for you. If you ring up your local hospital for the breast cancer nurse team and ask if you have a named nurse, they may help you to speed thinks up. Just a few suggestions to help you feel a little more in control. Fingers crossed it’s easily treated and it’s soon be sorted. All the best and lots of love xx