Scared like all of us here.

Well this is a long one, so please bare with me. I lost my mom to breast cancer in 1985 she was 47. I have no living relatives and her dad died from colon cancer.

I’ve recently been checked through the genetics/family history clinic and they said to get mammograms every year. Anyway in August I was called in to see the family history nurse. I was sent for a mammogram but as I had one Nov 2012 they said they couldn’t do it as it was too soon.

Anyway I explained to the nurse that if I’d been found to have the hereditary gene I would opt for a preventative masectomy. I can’t have the test as I have no living relatives etc. So she said she would discuss it with the consultant and they decided to go ahead with the preventative masectomy.

Nov 14 I went for my annual mammogram through the NHS. Then a week later I went to see the psychologist about the masectomy and today I went back to see the masectomy.

I asked about the results from my mammogram as I had not heard anything and the consultant said he had not had the report from the radiologist yet, although there was an area in my left breast that concerned him (he got the scan on his computer screen) . He said I should hear something by the end of the week. I’ve got to see the plastic surgeon next week about the reconstruction.

Anyway I feel like I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I thought I was sorting out a preventative masectomy, but now it seems I may have a diseased breast. There was no nurse in the room. Just the consultant and two medical students. I was on my own and had to get the bus home as my husband had a meeting.

I rang your helpline who suggested I contact the breast nurse at the hospital, which I did. The breast nurse said she will phone me Friday morning, as she’s off tomorrow. If they don’t have the results by Friday then I’ll have to wait until I go and see the plastic surgeon on Tuesday.

I am worried sick and feel completely lost in all this. To say I’m worried is an understatement and I can’t eat or sleep. Who do I turn to now?

Hi Pippadog,


I’m so very sorry to hear you are having these worries right now. Just when we want answers, it seems everything conspires against us. And waiting is the worst of any kind of treatment, whether it be preventative or curative. 


I’m hoping that by now, you will have heard something to put your mind at rest. But as most of us find out, there aren’t always answers when we want them. All I can do is send you big hugs and best wishes. I know that isn’t much help, but you will get your answers before long.


poemsgalore xx

Hi Pippadog, I hope your appointment went OK today. Sending you hugs. Tracy XXX

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