Scared - Metastatic diagnosis

So after having a 2nd recurrence in my reconstruction I was back at the hospital today for results of bone, MRI and CT scans.

They have found an enlarged lymph node in my chest and something on my right lung. Think its called Metastatic. All too small to biopsy though.

BC consultant doesn’t want to cut away the 3 little tumours I found in the reconstruction and leave the the other anomalies. Being referred to the Oncologist for chemo. Still hoping the Oncologist will say it’s all a mistake and they were smudges on the scan.

All very scary. Worse bit is telling my loved ones as I know they will worry about me.

Hi Miss Green

Yes it’s a scary time and you think about yourself and how it’s going to affect those you love. If it is secondary BC there are lots of treatments out there and more becoming available all the time. You can read here of people’s journeys over many years and their ups and downs.Having read about what you’ve already been through I’m sure you already know that this period of uncertainty and waiting is maybe the worst. When you know what you are up against and have a treatment plan you can begin to focus on your own journey. Hope you don’t have to wait long. Sending you hugs.

Bon xx

Thank you Bon. Along with telling loved ones the waiting is the hardest. The last 4 weeks have felt like a life time and I have more waiting to do but as you rightly say once I have a treatment plan I can focus on that xx

Hi there, help and advice please. My mum was diagnosed with invasive duca breast cancer, stage 2, with liver, lung and bone meta today. No talk of chemo just hormonal drugs. Can anyone offer any advice? I’m lost and upset and feeling helpless

Hi Cpp

I think everyone is different. I would advise you speak to your Mums breast cancer nurse as they can find out the information for you. X

So I now have my treatment plan: 6 cycles of Docetaxel and Capecitabine ( a mixture of chemo by intravenous and tablets ). Due to start on 19th February so I now need to come off Tamoxifen.

I have my chemo assessment on 14th Feb which is ironic as it’s the 15th year anniversary of my mastectomy and my original BC journey.

Never thought I would be back having chemo but after 2 recurrences in the last 4 years and Mets I suppose it’s a necessity.

Hope your chemo is bearable, amazing you have been on this journey for 15 years - good luck

So sorry to hear your sad news. I wish you all the best for the future.
How have you found Docetoxil?

Hi Deb41

Thank you Deb41.

I had my 2nd round in Monday and feel so much, so far touch wood, than I did the 1st one. Originally I thought my side effects were from the Capecitibane but oncologist thinks it’s thw Docetaxel. He was going to reduce the % I am on but can’t as I am already on 75% which I wasn’t aware of.