Scared of lymph node involvement

Hi all,
I’m new to all this and in need of some words of encouragement. I had WLE just over 3 weeks ago but was shocked to find out last week that they found it in 1 of 3 lymph nodes. Petrified it’s spread beyond there now, don’t get results until 5th may. My surgeon has given me the choice of a full clearance but strongly warned of risks involved. I have no idea what to do for the best, feeling very confused

Any advice?


Hi MrsMetz, I’m sorry you have had to join us but a warm welcome anyway ? If you post on the just diagnosed thread as well you will find plenty of ladies who have had node involvement and can share their experiences with you, please try not to panic about it having spread , we all do but for the majority it hasn’t, this is the worst time waiting on your full results but between us all we have been through the lot and will always be someone here who can help xx Jo 

Hi Jo,
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. It came as such a shock, really felt positive going in for my follow up so the news hit me like a train. Felt as bad as the day I was diagnosed. It’s been such a roller coaster of emotions


Hi MrsMetz. I too had one node affected after SNB which came as a shock as the original biopsies were clear. I really struggled with the thought of full clearance because of the potential risks in the future but as my BCN said, around 70 percent of people don’t go on to get lymphodema but they do have to advise you of the risks.


In the end I had no more nodes affected and they believe no further spread. Although the additional surgery was unnecessary from the removing of disease point of view, I do at least have the knowledge that it was contained in just one node. As my oncologist said, the lymph nodes are there to help halt disease in its tracks. Don’t assume just because you have it in one node that it’s gone further - although you could not have givien me that advice seven months ago when I got my results!!


Good luck and much strength to you.


Ruth xx

Thank you Ruth and Charys,
My surgeon hadn’t really put it that way and I’m glad you did as it really does make sense. When he told me they had found it there I felt like my world had fallen apart all over again. Feeling much more positive now today thanks to your comments. So glad I found this forum, really think it’s going to be a massive support for me. Can I ask did you have ct/bone scan?

Hi Christina, glad that we have been able to help. 


I was not offered a bone or CT scan. I believe it is not standard practice to do so in my health authority when you have fewer than a certain number of nodes affected. From what I’ve read here though all authorities differ in their practices so I would not be unduly worried or read anything into it if you are offered one. I get the impression that our treatments are all tailor made to fit our circumstances and it’s not really possible to compare like with like if you see what I mean. 


Let us know how you get on.


Ruth xx