scared of op nelwy digonsed

I got digonased last friday with grade 3 and swelling of the lmphs i had pre op medical today ready for thursday im having mastectomy on left breast and axillary clearance ive never been so frightened in my life of anything that im feeling now.I dont know how im going to get through tommorow im a anxious person anyway and this has blew me to pieces scared it has spread and the other breast has cancer or its all over in body how do u deal with this anxiety im a wreck

Hi Jinny2611,

Welcome to the forum where none of us want to be but you will find it very helfpul and supportive .We have all been in your position and it is horrible but we have all got through it. The waiting for everything is the worst and  luckily for you it doesn’t sound like you have had to wait to long for your surgery but this also doesn’t give you much time to absorb the shock of it all and mentally prepare yourself. Try to focus on just getting through each day and keep busy, easier said than done I know . You will be relieved when Thursday is over as at least the cancer has been taken away but then it’s waiting again for results . I’m at that stage now, 2 weeks after surgery and going for results tomorrow . I have told myself i cannot change anything so will just deal with what has to happen next. Lot of love and keep reading on this forum, you will find it all useful but fdon’t read too much as that also isn’t good 1 xxx

Hi Jinny


I’m so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It is scary when you’re given the news nobody wants to hear. I went through the same anxieties when I was diagnosed in November last year and had lumpectomy in December with further surgery in January. I was really nervous leading up to surgery but everyone was just brilliant. I told staff how I felt and they went out of their way to make me feel at ease.  I’m now on the 3rd week of a 4 week cycle of radiotherapy so can see some light at the end of the tunnel. You will get through this difficult time. I hope my post has helped a little.

Take care and best wishes