Scared of reoccurrence

Post deleted … thanks for responses

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Alchool affect extrogen, so it is better not to exagerate.
I don’t know about interacting with tamoxifene, but definitely too much is not good, as it is inflamatory too.
May be not completly heliminate it, but definitely be carefull with it.
You can google online: alchool and er+ breast cancer, they don’t get along!

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I’m a non drinker and I still got BC :frowning: There are lots of non alcoholic/ low alcohol drinks out here and no oneknows that’s what you are drinking, perhaps you could try those? My friend drinks coke out of a wine glass.

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Hello @letsgodothis123

Unfortunately it is not as simple as saying one specific thing will prevent recurrence, it’s all about reducing risk and there are several things which are within your control: the things which have been shown to be the most effective are taking the tablets, exercise, healthy diet and reducing alcohol intake

Personally I’ve found my alcohol tolerance to have lowered quite a lot since being on tamoxifen

Many many people find that the worry of recurrence is one of the hardest things to deal with following a diagnosis and treatment, but find attending a Moving Forward course to be very helpful in managing this anxiety

AM xxx


Thank you, that’s helpful & reassuring x

Thank you … I will get myself in order with cutting right down on my alcohol… I’m healthy in all other aspects of life… I find drinking calms my worrying thoughts but causes anxiety in the long run… moderation is the key … as you say x

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That’s why I don’t drink . Hangxiety the next day :cry:

Not sure how anyone manages to exercise while taking the tablets. I can’t. Too fatigued and in pain. I think exercise might be more beneficial than tablets but, for me, it is one or the other.