Scared that I will get diagnosed

Hi my name is Lisa. I’m a 36 year old with 2 kids. 3 week ago I started to get pain above my breast. Gp said it was muscle. Then a week later the pain was in my boob and at my back behind boob. A week after that I noticed a lump next to my armpit. It’s not small more very swollen. So back to gp and she was very concerned and I got a referral in for breast clinic on Monday. This morning I’ve woke up with a red mark right under my breast. I’m so scared. Getting a lot of symptoms that all ticks boxes for dr goggle to diagnose me for ibc ?. I’m also on antibiotics(2nd course) but no joy. Can anyone please advise me if this can be something else rather than what I’m scared to here xxx

Step away from Dr Google.


Obviously I cannot say what those symptoms mean but please remember they might well just be a bunch of minor things that seem to be more than the sum of their parts. Being on antibiotics messes you up for starters so once you have finished those you might find some of those symptoms disappear too.


If it is that of which we shall not speak for now, the clinic will get onto it and set you on a course of treatment. I have found this space enormously supportive. Even if you don’t want to post, reading others’ experiences can help. Much much more than Dr Google.




I’m always scared when have any of symptoms. But I also know that a small minute pain isn’t always the sign of a terrible disease, anyway, I have a strong willing to pass examination after every case of a short-term pain anywhere in my body.