Scared = with a lump

Started getting pain on Sunday evening. For some reason I decided to check myself and found a lump. Got in to see GP today and now have an appointment for next Thursday at the Breast Clinic. GP reckons it’s 70% chance that it’s cancer. Been on a few websites today to look intoit a bit more but getting more confused. I know I should wait but I want to be prepared for as many options as possible. The only thing is the more I read the more scared I’m getting. I don’t know anybody that’s gone through it that I could talk to so decided a forum might be a better place to come for advice.After reading some of the posts I feel a bit stupid being so worried but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dear julielola

Welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place for support from people who understand what you are going through.

Could I also suggest that you give our Helpline a call for information and support. They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000

Very best wishes


BCC Moderator

Hi Julielola

What shame you’ve had to find us - but this is a good place for information support and advice. First of all well done for going straight to your GP and it’s good that you don’t have too long to wait until the breast clinic.

What happens at the breast clinic varies from clinic to clinic - but expect to have a mammogram, an ultrasound and possibly biopsies of the lump done. Some places do a one stop shop - where you get at least preliminary results the same day. Others make you go back a week or two later for the results. Either way, it’s good to take someone with you - it’s easy to miss bits of info if there are just one pair of ears.

Not sure how your GP can so sure that it is cancer - about 9 out of 10 lumps aren’t! No point in trying to second guess what the outcome is though. As your little internet trawl will have shown - breast cancer is a complicated disease - there’s all sorts of different types, grades and stages.

Take a deep breath, try not to panic and DON’T GOOGLE! There’s all sorts of rubbish info out there and you will scare your self to death. Stick to this site (check out the publications section - there’s stuff there about what to expect at the clinic), or Macmillian is good as well. Come back here with any questions - there’s no such thing as a silly one and everyone is really friendly.

Big cyber hugs

Good advice so far, and remember that it’s the ‘rule’ that you are seen at a clinic within 2 weeks of reporting a breast lump, so a quick appt doesn’t imply something serious. That said, if it IS breast cancer you should get an info pack (produced by BCC) from your designated nurse at the clinic. The pack is really useful cos you can’t take everything in at the appt, and you can ring the nurse anytime to ask questions etc. There is a lot of support out there, and THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION. Ask your nurse, ask on this website, print off the leaflets, take someone to appts if you can to write everything down so you can read it through at home and think about it properly. Breast clinics are amazing places - I have been treated with kindness, expertise of a high order, and total respect from start to finish. Well not quite finished yet, just got a bit of corrective surgery to be done and a few more years of tablets to make sure it doesn’t come back.
all the best with your appt next week, and DON’T GOOGLE just use this site and the Macmillan one

yr not on yr own iv also just found quite a large lump n nipple bit inverted at top seen doc today now waitin 4 app at breast clinic which she said should b within 2 weeks trying not to worry n think the worse hope everything turns out ok 4u let us no how u get on x

iv also just found a lump n my nipples partly inverted saw doc today shes refered me to a breast clinic said app should b 4 within next 2 weeks tryin not to think the worse but its hard gonna b a long few weeks waitin 4 app n results

i also found a lump on sunday near my armpit n on to my breast my nipples also not looking right its not really inverted but sort of folded upwards hard to explaine really got my app today 4 thursday 30th iv now just noticed a dimple near my pit on the lump my heads all over place as its all i can think about to make it worse iv got a family wedding tomorrow n dont no how im gonn get through the day as not told anyone about this yet appart from my partner as we dont want to worry anyone sorry 4 going on x

Hi Shawshankredemption - the waiting and the unknown really is the pits.

No easy way to cope - I had a few social engagements and family occasions to get through between finding my lump and diagnosis and it wasn’t always easy. Easier said than done, but remember that you’ve done all you can for the minute - you’ve been to your GP and you are going to be checked out. If you can, put your worry in a box in the back of your head for at least some of each day. Keep busy and try not to think the worst.

I was one of the unlucky ones ones - my lump was cancer, but most aren’t.

Take someone with you on Thursday if you can - always nicer to have a friend with you.

Take care.


thanks D got through wedding ok, alot better than i thought i would, think it did me good to get out as feelin alot better today. my partner is goin with me on thuraday unfortunatley going to have to take kids with us so he prob wont b able to stay but il b ok. il post again when i no more n so sorry u were one of the unlucky ones hope yr treatments workin well n that yr doin ok x

Hi SSR (hope you don’t mind the abbreviation)

I’me doing very well thanks - I got diagnosed just before Christmas 2010. Because of the size and type it was, I had to have a mastectomy - but I also had an immediate reconstruction. I went on to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but coped well with the treatments - I kept working for most of the time during chemo. I finished active treatment almost a year ago and was back at work full time by the beginning of November. I’m now on tamoxifen.

So 2011 was pretty rubbish, but 2012 has been much better. I’m back doing all the things I did before - working, riding horses, gardening, walking. I’ve had a few weekends away, friends and family to visit. I’ve had a holiday in South Africa and am off to Greece soon.

So - even if your lump is cancer, it’s scary, unpleasant - but all the treatments are totally doable. Good luck to you both on Thursday - let us know how you get on.


I’m the same. Had a weding to go to Saturday and just had to put on a brave face. All my neighbours were there and it was so difficult. Got my appt Thursday too. I have to be there for 9.15 and the letter says allow at least 3 hours for all the stuff they do and to wear separates for ease of changing into a gown. I’m a total wreck, not sleeping properly, feel seick whenever I think about eating, my hair has decided to come out in big handfuls (I think it’s stress) and I’ve got an infection in my knee (had a kneecap replacement 7 weeks ago), but other than that, all is well. Good luck for your appointment, let me know how you get on, I’ll be thinking of you x

Good luck to you both.

There’s lots of hanging around, so take a magazine or book too. If you are really struggling with stress - particularly if you have to wait for results - talk to your GP and see if he can give you something to help you through short-term.

Take care

the waiting really is awfull then even more bloody waiting 4 results. hope u get through day ok n get good news, hope u have someone going with u im lucky my partner has this week of so hes taking me got sitter 4 kids now aswell my sisters having em 4 me not told her real reason though didnt want anyone else worryin. let us no how u get on il post on here how i do good luck n fingers crossed will b thinkin of u take care x

hi DJ ssr is fine my first user name was already in use so just used name of one of my fave films lol. so saw consultant today who examined my then drew on me had mama n ultrasound plus biopsy took few samples from breast n pit then more waitin saw consultant again he said its bad news looks very much like iv got breast cancer but got to wait 4 results to c wat action/treatment to take i no they need results to no for def but think i new b4 i went today wat they were gonna tel me so scared now that its spread dont want to lose my hair stupid i no n keep thinkin worst so scared dont want to leave my kids 4,6,7 without their mum i no it might not b that bad but… got to wait 2to4 weeks 4 results as well just want to no so i can get treatment started n tell fam n friends feel like lettin em no now but gonna wait til i no more x

Oh SSR - sorry that it seems as if you will be joining us here for longer than you hoped.
Again more waiting - this time knowing that it will probably be bad news. The next couple of weeks will be tough, but believe me when I say that you will feel better once you know exactly what you are facing and have a treatment plan.

No point in trying to second guess what that will be - it could range from ‘just’ having the lump out and then radiotherapy to the ‘full monty’. All I will say is that whatever the treatment you will get through it.

DON’T GOOGLE! - you’ll scare yourself to death. And remember that even on this forum it tends to be the people who are having a hard time who tend to post most. People like me - almost a year after active treatment finished, back at work and enjoying life aren’t on here because we’ve moved on. I just pop in from time to time to catch up with some friends I ve made on here and to give a bit of encouragement to women like you - scared and at the start of your journey.

Come back and ask any question you want - there’s no such thing as a silly one.


thanks def not gonna google havnt yet just been on here n macmillan keep cryin but supose thats normal glad youre doin well now x

Crying is absolutely normal! It felt like I spent weeks in tears at the start! I was fine while I was at work and concentrating on something else, but as soon as I started thinking about ‘it’, or people were nice to me I dissolved into a blubbering wreck!
Big hugs x

I got a gold cup for my crying this time last year, you let it out girl, don’t try to bottle it up. About the hair thing… I was like that, I dreaded losing my hair, I was terrified of the chemo and I can honestly tell you that although it wasn’t a trip in the park, it was doable and when it came to having my hair cut, I had it done in 2 stages, I had it cut from my bob to a short do and then had it shaved when it started coming out. I think for me personally I just needed to get my head around it. I posted a lot on here and all the lovely ladies told me once I had the results and a treatment plan I would feel a lot better…and I did. I’ve finished chemo now and have a sort of Judi Dench do…best wishes. M

PS…DON’T GOOGLE…loads of rubbish out there will scare you witless, you can get loads of honest info on here from ladies who know what they’re on about.