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hi its my first time here am not sure i am even doing this right. and i am a little nervous. i have discharge out of one nipple its not dark but milky and green at times, and like everyone else i have googled it and now i am panicking i,ve about buried myself it seems that because its only one nipple its cancer. So i have taken your stance and stopped googling. My dtr was amazing i have been referred to the breast clinic very quickly in comparison my appointment is this Thursday and as it gets closer the more the panic is setting in. i am 28 and have two little girls 4 and 6 and my imagination is running wild.i no its sounds silly but i keep telling myself its something and nothing, at the same time i am making arrangements for my kids. and i haven’t had my first appointment yet. I am really very scared and wondered if anyone can tell me what to expect at the breast clinic.


Hi Liz

I think this is being answered under another thread:

‘Have I got breast cancer?: nipple discharge and verry worried 28 yr old’

Its had a few replies.