This is my first visit to the site - any advice would be much appreciated. I found a large lump in my armpit Sunday night and visited my GP Monday morning. I have an appointment at the breast clinic tomorrow morning (Wednesday) and I am shell-shocked. The lump is smooth, hard and about 2 inches across. How I haven’t felt it before I don’t know - it can’t have just appeared overnight! It feels like, and about the size of, a testicle! I have been told I am going to a ‘one stop’ clinic - does this mean I will get a diagnosis tomorrow? How long after diagnosis does treatment usually start? Sorry to fire these questions, but everything is continually whirling around in my head.

Hi granno,

So sorry you’ve found yourself here.

It may be too late for you to see this before you go,but if you’re going to a one stop shop it may be tht they can give you a good steer today about what the lump is. I went to a rapid diagnostic unit which may be the same as a ’ one stop shop’ .you’ll probably have a mammogram, perhaps an ultra sound scan and biopsy of the lump and a consultation with a surgeon there. Yoll have to wait for the results of a biopsy before you can get a definitive answer but they’ll probably have a good idea after the mammogram and biopsy.

You’re at one of the worst stages in the process because you don’t know what your lump is and what’s going to happen to you and I should warn you that waiting for results is really hard and’s totally normal to feel scared. We ve all been there s feel for you.

Do you have someone to go with you? I took my very close friend and after my initial diagnosis- it looks very suspicious, but you’ll have towakt for the final results’ she and I went and spent a lot of money on make up and lunch, which helped. It’s good to take someone who won’t panic with you if you can, just in case the news is bad.

I wish you the very best of luck, and if the news is not great please do come back to the site, it’s been a sanity saver for me and I’ve got so much help,support and information here.

Love and best wishes


Dear granno welcome to the BCC forums where you will continue to receive lots of help and support from your fellow users

In addition, I am posting a link to the BCC publication ‘referral to the breast clinic’ which you may find useful and also our helpline number is 0808 800 6000, please feel free to call for further support and information Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2

Take care

Thank you for your answers - its good to know there are others out there! I have been told I have a lymphoma, and will have an op to have it removed next Thursday. I just had a scan and was told the tumour is 4 cm. Bit shell shocked really. Does anyone know if you usually have to stay in hospital for this, and how big the scar will be?? Also, is it usual to have chemo after?? Sorry to keep on, but these questions are buzzing in my head!

Dear Granno

Sorry you have had to join us. Your tumour is a similar size to mine and I only stayed in overnight because I was diabetic, they said with a lumpectomy you would normally go home same day unless you have a bad reaction to the anasphetic (cant spell, lol) or other complications. I also had a sentinal node biopsy, where they take the first few lympth nodes and look for any cancer, if these are ok then the others should be ok. I have 2 scars, one about 4 1/2 cm’s long where the lump was removed and then another scar about 6 cm’s long from the sentinal node biopsy. I thought they looked horrible straight after the surgery but nearly 5 months later they look much better.

At the hospital where I had my surgery, they dont tell you what treatment you will need until after the original surgery, they look at the lump they remove as well as the lympth nodes, also test to see if the tumour responds to hormones or is Her2+ and use all the information to decide what would be the best treatment plan.

Im really grateful there was no cancer in my lymph nodes so I had surgery and am currently having radiotherapy.

All the best


Sorry, I should have said I didn’t have to have chemo


Granno really sorry to hear you have lymphoma… There are a few different types such hodgkins disease… Some are very curable… But they will get more info after the tumour is removed it’s common to have Chemo therapy for lymphomas and you may require radiotherapy… This is often given to the whole chest area but your treatment will depend on all the info they get from… The scar is usually the smallest size they can to get the tumour out but you maybe find you need to stay in at least overnight as you might need to get a drain put in.

The macmillan site is good for info on all types of cancers including lymphomas… You could also try the lymphoma association it’s

Thought this might help…

Good luck with your treatment

Lulu x

Hello Granno

I’m sorry to hear you have Lymphoma. I know a girl who had a very aggressive form of lymphoma and was very ill with pneumonia, she was only in her mid twenties when diagnosed, she got chemo and has totally recovered, this is now 8 years ago and she is 100% fine. So please have hope! As far as I know Lymphoma is one of the most cureable cancers.

All the very best to you,

love from Christine xx

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply - it really helps. Does everyone think they are definitely going to die at this stage? I can’t sleep and feel sick all the time - hopefully these feelings will pass fairly quickly and I will become more positive. I suppose the best thing to do is keep busy and hopefully this week of waiting will pass quickly. I have the tumour removed next Thursday.