Firstly, let me apologise. I’ve just wrote a new thread but don’t think it posted properly so if this has posted twice I’m sorry!
When I was 18/19 I found a lump in my left boob (on left side, in line with nipple). It just felt like a little bump but because I was young and naive I didn’t do a thing about it. Over the years the lump has come and gone - at times I’ve had a prod around and been unable to feel it and other times it’s noticeable. This has been the cycle for the past 20 years - I’m 39 now. My boobs have always been very sensitive but the area in which the lump is, is not painful. It’s here at the moment and for some reason I’m very concious of it. I’ve had a stressful few months and been highly anxious so maybe this is why. It’s quite deep down and on the surface it feels like a little lump but if you grab it, it feels like dense tissue and quite large. I’ve had a prod around and It’s bigger than I initially thought and this has scared the poo out of me! I want to make a doctor appointment for peace of mind but by doing that I have to admit that maybe something is wrong. I’m not looking for people to say I haven’t got BC but really would value your comments and opinions. Thank you. xx

Hi Meche,

It’s great that you are so breast aware, but now you need to pluck up the courage to phone you GP and get this checked out professionally.  When you call, tell them you have found a breast lump and they should see you quickly.  Your GP will then probably refer you to a breast clinic for formal examination


Hopefully there will be a simple explanation and you can put this behind you, but until you get it checked you can’t.  If you are in the unlucky 10% whose lumps are nasty, be assured there is plenty of really good treatment.


Take care.

Hi Meche,

I am very new to this site, and like you - I recently found a lump!  I cannot say that I have ever noticed anything like it in the past, but this particular lump suddenly appeared less than 2 weeks ago, and was slightly painful, aching to touch.  It has since grown a litle in size and the hardness does vary.  I try to dismiss any dreadful thoughts, but knew I needed to take advice and get examined asap.


I saw my doctor the following Monday, and just had my mammogram today at hospital (less than 2 weeks to wait) although I was (apparently) due to have an US also and possibly a biopsy - the Radiologist (Specialist) was called away!  I now have to wait up to 2 weeks (at the most) for another appointment.  Although another doctor did examine me and checked the mammogram - he was genuinly sincere and honest with me - yet it has scared the (sh*t) out of me - it is always better to know, than be left in the dark!  Although it appears hard and (to me) relatively big- I tried to convince myself it would be anything but the dreaded BC!  I wont know any results for another 2 weeks or less, for the results - and even then there still could be a chance of it possibly being benign…Here`s hoping and praying!


Like you, I am very scared, but feel the websites and helplines available to us are invaluable, and a fantastic source of info.  I know we do not want overload - but remember prewarned is pre armed…I have alot to live for, also like yourself, had one hellover lot of stress, and still trying to deal with other matters - but we do need and should accept all the support that is offered.


I hope you find my reply reassuring.  Thinking of you, and wishing you all the best.


i am sure we will speak on here again soon.

Kind regards. Jane x