At 47 I won the lottery in my area for early screening and after the mammogram got recalled.

Last Monday I went for a second mammogram, ultrasound and now I’m waiting for core biopsy results on the mass that was found.  There isn’t a lump to be felt so this has come as a total shock.  I’ve managed to keep busy so far (my house has never been so clean after this weekend) but I’m scared, especially as the nurse said that my results appointment on Thursday will be with a breast surgeon - is that normal ?

Hi SLou,
I am not in your shoes but I know that worrying is the worst. At my breast clinic all the doctors I have seen are breast surgeons and the term is used synonymously with doctor; I would therefore try and not read too much into it. My friend, who is a survivor said that waiting for results is harder than getting a diagnosis or treatment for that matter. Once you know what you are dealing with it gets easier - after all it may not even be the dreaded c xx