I am reaching the end of my chemo, last one next Thursday and on the same day I will be getting the results of my scan to see how well the chemo has done.

Up untill now I have been pretty positive BUT this week have been really low and worried. I am not sure if I am HER2 so am not so am not sure how my treatment will continue in the future. I have secondary cancer to the bones with spots in my lungs. Really worried about if they can control the cancer, and if they can for how long…

Hi fayjay

I am sorry to read that you are feeling uncertain about your treatment and worried about the control of your cancer. These feelings are quite normal and I think it might be a really good idea in your situation to give our helpline a ring. They are on 0808 800 6000 and open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, Saturday, 9am - 2pm

Our helpline is a free and confidential service. It is run by specially trained nurses, we can help you make informed choices about your treatments.

I hope you find this service can offer some support to you.

Kind regards.

Breast Cancer Care

Hi Fajay,

I know exactly how hard this constant uncertainty and waiting is-I’m having a CT tomorrow to see if the combination of Herceptin and tamoxifen I’m on is working for my lung mets. I keep reminding myself that there are lots of options in terms of chemo, and always new ones being trialed.

Apart from that, I haven’t got any words of wisdom, but send my love.


It is the waiting and it really gets to you - I had bad liver function tests and in the middle of chemo so they’ve stopped it but now I have to wait til Mon for appt with ONC who says there is something he can do after frightening me to death with the LF test results… so we will join hands and wait for results and give each other a cyber hug … unfortunately it is the WAITING that stresses… I am off to do a Sudoku puzzle that means i don’t think about results for a short while … whatever - find something that uses the brain … not housework!!

Hello india1 and wisdens and thank you for you comments.

It is nice to know that I am not alone, and that there are other people out there that understand EXACTLY as I feel because they feel the same way.

I have to wait until next Thursday and it seems like an age away, it does not help that I am having chemo on the same day. I cant wait for the results, BUT am not looking forward to the chemo. On a positive note it is my last Taxotere, then hopefully they will be able to prevent further spread. BUT once again it will be another nervous wait for the two month scan, wondering if the treatment is working. It is all waiting and hoping isn’t it.

I am also not sure if I am having Herceptin as they do not know if I am HER2, hopefully I will find that out on Thursday as well.

India1:- can I ask do have bone and lungs mets or just lung mets? I have both. Not sure which one to be more worried about. And you are right there are lots of chemo’s to try and hopefully soon they will come up with one that will stop the cancer for good eh?

wisdens:- What a good idea, doing a Sudoko as you say it is nice to do something that takes your mind of things for a while eh?

please let me know how you both get on and I will let you know how it goes on Thursday, chemo permitting.

Thanks you ladies

Fay :o)