Hi there,
I am a new member of your club! Wishing I wasn’t (no offence). I have just had three tests yesterday (Thursday) at the local hospital breast clinic for BC. After the mammogram, I had an ultra sound scan and the doctor then said that she’s confirmed there is a lump, it is not a cyst and she wanted to do a biopsy there and then. You all know how I felt, scared, confused the world spinning in my head. Then I burst into tears. They did a core biopsy and I await the results which I should get next Thursday when I have to visit the consultant. I haven’t slept properly for the last week and a half and feel frightened and confused. I only lost my dearest father to cancer 18 months ago and my mother to cancer 13 years ago. So that’s why I feel the way I do. I just needed to tell someone who understands. Thanks for listening.


I was in same situation as you this week - got all clear last night after biopsy last thurs. i know exactly how you feel - it is such a shock and you will think the worst. nights are the worst - try to keep busy and be positve (know its hard) but 9 out of 10 are benign.

keep your chin up and good luck with results



Best wishes for the result - when I went to the consultant he did a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy there and then but worse - he said he did not even need to wait for the biopsy result with me, and arranged the chemo to start for the day after the result would be through, in order to get it moving. I left the consultant and went back to work in a total state of shock. Your biopsy could easily come back with a fine result so hang on in there - let us know how it goes - my thoughts are with you.

hI ladela

I have been exactly where you are for the last 6 weeks due to Christmas break. Today like ewlija I got the all clear.
Try not to get too stressed and be thankful they do all these tests. I assumed the worst because of all the resources being used, mammos, fna, ultasound , stereo core biopsy,breast nurses phoning you. I couldn’t believe I was going to come thru clear. But I did and there is a very good chance you will too.

But don’t keep your feelings in, let them out here there will always be someone to help pick you up.

Fingers crossed for your results.


It’s good to hear your great news. You have both given me a positive thought. These I haven’t had many of over the last few days or so. I hope my news on Thursday is as great as yours. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me it is greatly appreciated, because people that haven’t been through this experience find it difficult to understand.

thanks again for your positive thoughts.


Hi Ladela
Im in the same position… and I burst into to tears…its awful…I find out Monday… Ewlija and Demi have kept me sane though. Keep your chin up and keep coming on and reading others stories …its done me the power of good I can tell you!!. If somebody had have told me on Wednesday that I would be on this website… I wouldnt have belived them
Good Luck


Thanks Jackie, you and me both!! Hopefully the sun will be shining on you Monday, good luck and I’ll be thinking of you. Take care.


…thanks for that Ladella , I appreciate it
Ill be saying the same to you for thursday
Jackie x

Hi Penn 1,

thanks for your reply. I am so sorry that you didn’t get the results you so wanted, but hopefully everything will be ok and stay positive in your thoughts. I am so glad I joined this forum, so many of you giving your time to talk to people like me. I so appreciate all your comments and thoughts. Good Luck from the bottom of my heart Penn 1 and I know you can do it. thanks again, Ladela.

Hi ladela,
Don,t assume the worst, I had a lump, pathology report inconclusive on biopsy, so had the lump removed, was convinced I had cancer, but the lump was benign, 9 out of 10 are, so wait n see, but if you are the 1, don,t fear, tho I know that,s easy for me to say., but if you are 1 of the unlucky, its not an immediate death sentence, my wee sis has had it twice n she
rocks n rolls better than me, so take heart.

x everything for U even my eyes.
Big don,t be afraid hugs.

Ive had fantastic news this morning …I got the all clear…good luck for thursday Ladela …listen to what Demi, Ewija and others are saying …be positive…I know its really hard …evreything is crossed on me …I’ll keep visitng the site…keep us posted.


Just wanted to say how pleased I am for you Jackie - great news!!

Margaret x

Just wanted to say Hurrah! Jackie, its a big relief I know, this site is fantastic and the people who post here,
and has made me realise that life has to be lived, cos who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Thanks Margeret …Rosie …its kept me sane talking to different people and I will continue to come on …hopefully I can reassure people …It really puts your life into perspective doesnt it…I feel like black cloud has lifted…its funny how the mind works overtime. When I read other peoples stories its amazing how many are benign, or if they have to have treatment but its ‘curable’ and not life threatening… (I imagined your sis rocking and rolling Rosie!). The problem, of course is (certtianly for me) all I imagined was it was the big C and ultimate death… I’ve certainly learned that there are so many variations and treatments. If there is a next time (hope not) then I do think I will be better prepared because of this website and the fact that people sre very honest and reassuring.

Thanks again girls
Jackie xxxxx

Hi jackie

Sorry, I’ve only just logged on, scared stiff about the morning, can’t wait for the dreaded consultant appt to be over with. Keep all your fingers and toes crossed. I am so, so happy for you Jackie, it’s great to hear some good news, I hope you are lucky for me and send some positive thoughts over to me for tomorrow morning.

Enjoy your new lease of life and have a great day, every day!

Best wishes
Ladela xx

Will be thinking of you. All positive thoughts are heading straight for you. Please let us know how you get on.


Good luck with your results today Ladela - everything crossed for you!



Hi all,

I’m afraid I got bad news. I have got breast cancer, 7mm in size in the left breast nipple. I have to have two operations on 12th Feb to take part of the breast (nipple area away) and one of the lymph nodes for testing. I am still in complete shock, this can’t be happening to me, I only lost my dad to cancer 18 months ago. I am very, very scared at present, I am scared that it has gone elsewhere, that is my biggest fear. The only ray of hope I have at the moment is that I was told I caught it relatively early so hopefully that is the good bit. All I can say is I am feeling all the usual feelings, but mostely scared of the unknown. I have a wonderful family and I have a lot of years to live, and so much to do, I’m only 44 and I know age doesn’t matter with this dreaded decease but I feel, oh god I don’t know how I feel. I just keep bursting into tears, I was so sure they were going to send me away and tell me it was only something silly wrong with me…

Anyway onwards and upwards, what can I do, all I can do is pray to god that we have caught it early and that this operation and radiation will do the trick. My only concern is obviously is that it has spread, and what happens in the future, should perhaps I think of a double mastectomy now. I will be scared for the rest of my life if they get rid of this damn thing that it will come back.

Sorry girls, I was hoping to give you good news. Thanks for all your support, you are truly a great bunch of people and it is my pleasure to know you all.

Thanks again.
Ladela. xx

Sorry, girls I should have said disease not decease! Can’t spell today… Ladela x


So sorry to hear your news - such an awful shock for you. It is an unpredictable disease, but it sounds as if you have caught it early so hold on to that thought while you are waiting for your treatment. We will all be thinking of you and praying for the best possible outcome.