Hi diagnosed couple of weeks ago with grade 2 invasive ductal bc. I am an emotional wreck Having a mastectomy on Wednesday with sental node removal. I am just so scared never had an op and terrified it’s spread everywhere

Also seen to get aches and twinges everywhere ie stomach etc

No scan did a biopsy if one lymph node from ultrasound and that cane back normal

Don’t know if it was a sental node just one which had a lump in it I think

Any ideas or tips on how to control my anxiety appreciated

Mainly scared it’s everywhere and nothing can be done about it although all I now is it’s not in the one lymph node they tested

They are taking the sental nodes on Wednesday with my mastectomy to double check nothing in there that’s what they said then treatment plan once they have results from them

Thank you for answering me. I have huge anxiety even before this. The lymph node they checked had a lump in it hence the test hopefully as you said they will all come back clear

Trying to get through each day but wake up in a panic each morning have tried writing the facts down for me to reread but not making much difference

Im still in the early stages too & feeling exactly the same, you are not alone *hugs*. i cant eat, sleep or focus on anything, just stare into space & or cry. Best wishes to you for your op. Everyone tells me youll feel better afterwards. xxx

I just feel like I want to run away from it all

Jobo and Rictina


I am echoing everything that Charys has said.  this is the worst time but it does absolutely get better.


Jobo if you have never had an op before, it is fear of the unknown, but honestly you will be fine, before you know where you are you will be back in the ward having a sandwich and a cup of tea.  Your theatre team are very used to patients anxieties and they will do everything they can to make sure that you are comfortable and looked after


I am similar to Charys, 18 months post surgery and I finished radiotherapy 15 months ago.  I worked albeit it very reduced hours from six weeks after my op and my life has got back to normal.  I was playing lawn green bowls again in April last year, six months after my op, and that was only because I play outdoors so had to wait for the season to start.


Just take each stage one at a time, dont think too far ahead and worry about something you do not know about as that will only increase your anxiety and, as Chary says, just keep coming on here and we will support you in any way we can. 


Helena xxx

Hi Jobo, As our lovely ladies have said this is the absolute worst part of it all, the limbo stage where you seem to be stumbling from one thing to another and endlessly waiting on results, It was the lowest time for me and my anxiety was at its height, I couldn’t eat or sleep.


I didn’t have a mastectomy but from talking to many ladies here who did they recovered well within a few weeks and say it was nothing like they imagined it would be, in my experience you are very well looked after, I was scared of waking up being sick as I had done after a previous anaesthetic but they took care of that with some medication before hand and I was fine, sat up eating within the hour and on my way home within 2! 


We all imagine it has spread from the off but in reality for most of us it won’t have, Once you have your treatment plan following your operation you will begin to feel much better about it all, I think we would all agree this was our turning point , up to then it’s all ifs buts and maybes which fuels our anxiety to it’s highest.


Honestly it does get better Xx Jo 



Hi jobo and rectina. To echo the champions words below. It does get easier and no you won’t think it will but believe me it will. It is the what if,s that torment the heck out of you and take the anxiety levels to their max. All the champs in this thread helped me tremendously and thank you ladies. I am now 24 days from diagnosis and 6 days post op. As said once your plan is in place you can focus. I know it is still very early days for me and still have results to come but if I could give any advice on the last few weeks it would be take it day by day and try not to go beyond you next appointment and the what if,s. I do still come back to this forum as still class myself as recently diagnosed but have moved to the treatment thread and some lovely ladies going though just the same. What I haven’t done is gone to the next thread as will go there when I need to but that is my choice and appreciate we are all very different. Keep talking on here and ask what you like and you can be sure someone will answer you question. Take care you two and sending massive hugs to you both and we will beat this!

Hi for injection of radioacy dye today so scared as all feels too reel now. Mastectomy tomorrow I’m only 44 and have 2 10 year olds at home. Trying to be strong for them

Here is the link to a downloadable booklet that might help you with your children, and talking to them about your treatment. There is a section in it relating to children aged 7-12 years old.


Dear All …I am 6 days from diagnosis but have been through it all 18 years ago so kinda know what to expect. I have just read through all the comments and find it a great help.  As you all say it’s the waiting…my first appoiontment with my oncologist isn’t until 25th April and struggling to keep positive.  I have decided to go back to work tomorrow mainly to keep myself occupied.  Stay strong everyone xx

Jono I’m the same I’ve breast cancer invasive ductal grade 2 in 3 weeks I going tho operation to remove never had an op or been put to sleep I suffer from anxiety so I know how you feel xx

We all here for you xx

Hi all. I’ve had the op wasn’t as bad as anxiety was making me think it would be. Nurses and drs were lovely. Managed to go on a couple of short walk snow got to wait for results of lymph node xx if I can do this so can all of you ?