Hi All

Feeling very lonely and low tonight.

My hubby dont seem to understand just want to run away and hide.

What a sh*** carry on!!!

I dont think 47 is old for this I have had a lumectomy and start RADS next week.

Sorry for moaning

Kay xx

Hi kay,
Don’t apologise for moaning, its a pretty tough situation you are in, times of feeling yuk are all part of it. not sure i can suggest much to help but maybe a hot bubbly bath with a big glass of wine if you’ve got any in. don’t be too hard on your hubby, its hard to understand how it makes you feel if you’ve not been there, and he’s no doubt worried so much for you. sending you a big hug & hoping your spirits will lift very soon. theres a live chat tonight, maybe join in for some immediate support.
take care, rivergirl x

Hi Kay

Sorry you are feeling so low, we have a live chat at 9pm-10pm this evening if you feel like some company and support. You can join the live chat via the ‘Support for you’ tab at the top of this page. If you feel that some one to one support would help please call our helpline for a ‘listening ear’ and information about our other support services on 0808 800 6000, 9am-5pm Mon-Fri and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Thanks rivergirl

Never done live chat!!! Might give it a go! not sure what to do!!!

Dont know why I feel like this but it is horrible

Kay x

Hi Kay

You can follow this link to get into live chat at 9pm:

Best wishes

Hi Kay, Sorry to hear that you are feeling low tonight. My OH finds it hard to understand sometimes and I have been horrible to him at times since dx of this horrible disease. All I can say is that the feelings pass. I have felt low and depressed during my bc ‘journey’. I am currently having chemo and that is not good for the first 8 days but then i feel normal again. I send you hugs and love and treat yourself well

Love Rachy

Hi rachy

Hubby admitted tonight he does not know how to deal with it!!! I thought he was just ignoring it. Think he is suffering a bit now he had a few beers and gone to bed.I am still awake having lots of lovely flushes - blooming tamoxifen

Kay x

What a raw deal this is, not just for us, but our families suffer because of it.My bc nurse has told me to let them do as much as they can for me, but the wife and mother in me wont let go no matter how bad I feel,I feel like a bitch sometimes and want to run away from it all. Like you Kayty am 47 and feel its not fair, but guess we need to plod hey kid, keep your chin and as they say things can only get better



Thanks girls for your support. Hey what a day!!! Life goes on and gotta try and calm down with hubby will start afresh tomorrow. I am gonna take my dog out for a long walk and tell her all about it - she wont mind

Kay xxx

Hi Kay

I have put below the link to BCC’s publication ‘In it Together’ which is aimed at partners of those diagnosed with breast cancer. You can either download a copy or order a copy on line. Hope this helps:

Best wishes

Thanks Lucy xx