I was dx with primary and extensive node involment in 2010 and have been very well since then. Last couple of weeks I’ve had backache which comes and goes. I went to the gp on Friday and he is sending me for blood tests and back xray. He also said that I have developed a curve on my spine which I’m hoping is causing the ache. I am now of course freaking out. Just wondered if this has happened to anyone else. Thank you for reading my post


Many who have secondaries are symptom free, but you are doing the right thing getting yourself checked out. What you describe hasn’t happened to me, but I just wanted to respond and send you a hug.


Sending a hug and hoping that you receive good test results. ??

Hi Kittycat,

I too was diagnosed with primary (stage 3) cancer in 2012 and had lymph node involvement. Like you I’ve been in remission since and have also been found to have curvature of the spine. Nobody seems to have a satisfactory answer as to why this has come about: my GP says it’s just that I’m getting older. I’m just waiting for results of a CT scan on the lungs as my specialist could hear “crackles”.  The agony is in the waiting for results.  I wish you all the best and hope you get the all clear from your x-ray.