Hello :slight_smile: I had a routine mammogram yesterday & got the results online at midnight saying they wanted some more photos and an ultrasound of my L breast because of a “mass”. So I called at 6am and got an appointment today for the ultrasound & they said it could be a pappiloma because it’s right by my nipple, or of course, cancer. So I need a biopsy. My biopsy is tomorrow morning & then 3-5 more days of waiting. Are pappiloma’s fairly common? I’m trying to stay off Google. Thanks, it’s been reassuring to read some of these posts. Kate

Hi Kmk


I have to say, you’ve received very prompt service!! I’m afraid I don’t know the answer but I wanted to pat you on the back for avoiding Google. You are a wise woman. I hope it works out well for you - if you see this in time, I’d say ask outright what the chances are. They won’t be specific but you maybe able to tell from what they do say whether or not they have cancer foremost in their minds.


Hope it’s good news x