Scars after DIEP reconstruction

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I am trying to decide between implants and DIEP reconstruction - I’ll be having my surgery in July. I’m not as worried about the short term recovery period, but more concerned about the long term scars. I understand the scar on your tummy is quite large and I wondered what your scar is like, how low down it is, and whether it bothers you?


Any thoughts would be much appreciated!


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I would favour DIEP 100%. There are real risks associated with implants and if you have radiotherapy, there are likely to be encapsulation issues. The DIEP scar is hip to hip but below the bikini line and fades very well - ask to see pictures. It is a bigger op but worth it in my view. A personal perspective (having had both).

Hi Hayley, I have just recently had a DIEP done.  I was told I couldn’t have an implant due to me needing radio which can damage implants.  The main advantages of the DIEP are that you get a warm, squidgy “made of you” breast and that it is permanent and never needs replacing (whereas implants need replacing every 10 years or so).  In addition you don’t have the risk of rejection you get with implants.  I also think the autologous recon is more comfortable long-term because you are not having to support the weight of the implant.  However, you have to trade off those advantages for the tummy scar (which is very wide) and the fact that you will almost certainly need your good breast to be reduced/lifted to match the DIEP side.  Therefore you will also end up with some scars on your unaffected breast.  The tummy scar won’t be seen unless you want to wear skimpy knickers and bikini.  But you will see it obviously! There is no perfect answer but so far I am as happy as I can be given I’ve lost my breast. Check out how many of these ops your surgeon has done though - you want someone who really knows what they’re doing for the DIEP.  Good luck. Xx