Scars best to use Vitamin e oil almond oil Palmers oil?

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Had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in December. Today saw my nurse at GP to change dressings again! Said healing would be better and quicker if I use Vitamin E oil, Almond oil or Palmers Oil. Which would any of you lovely ladies recommend in your experience?
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Hi Hamlet
Although I’ve not had a recon I have had a WLE which I used Vitamin E oil on. Also on my c-section scar a good few years before that. I think it definitely helps plus it’s not got so many added ingredients. You can get it from superdrig and the body shop but you may also get a purer form by breaking vitamin e capsules (that you usually swallow) that’s if you can still get them, haven’t looked in ages.

Hi Hamlet
had my MX in late september and when i first looked i was so upset because it really wasnt a pretty sight at all , however i was recomended to use pure vitimin E oil , i bought the good stuff and made sure it was the pure one that says good enough to take oraly if required , not cheap but WOW what a difference in my MX site now , its smoothed out completely the scar now thats hardly visible and i rub a little under my arm where they took my nodes from and the results so far have been brilliant , you only have to use a very small amount so ane bottle will last the duration , oh and by the way i put it on my bald bonce every night befor bed and ive had no soreness or or any problems with my head at all .

Sorry ive waffled a bit but hope this helps you decide ,i havnt tried palmers myself but ive heard myself that is also a good one to try .

be kind to yourself

I’ve been lucky so far, tho initially my skin around my tummy wound was very dry and flaky. I used aquaeous cram either side of it till i could do the scar itself, and that was a great relief from the pulling sensation. For the actual scars, after fourbweeks, my PS said lots of women praise bio oil, she also highly rates aloe Vera. She also believes its the quality of the care we give ourselves, so rates regular, ten minute massaging using whatever product so long as it’s pure.

Only a couple of things to add…I looked at palmers last week and couldn’t believe how inexpensive it is, So that’s a positive! As I don’t have any issues with oestrogen I’m not limited in what I can use and therefore I have mostly used bio oil so far as I was given it pre op. However, my daughter researched wound healing and found me some rose hip oil which is very very highly rated. I’ve actually been using it on my face, I have to admit, cos it’s so good.

However, the big thing I wanted to say is that if you need this sort of product medically, you can ask your GP to prescribe it…bio oil for instance can be prescribed. There are also gels and reusable gel dressings (mepiform is one make)…these can be prescribed and people on here rally rave about them.

Let us know how you go, best of luck

Lynette xx

Hello nonsuch/italia

Thanks for replying. I’ll try your suggestions, vit E and look for rosehip oil although think latter is more expensive. Also the Mepiform gel dressings sound good. I’ve still got some dressings left because still having changed. Going to Plastic Surgeon at Charing Cross Hosp so I’ll ask his advice also. It’s so nice to hear from other ladies, you are not alone on this forum!

lots love

Hi Nicky

I’ll try Superdrug/Body shop also to start, the pure oil sounds best thanks