Hello everyone


I had a mx nearly 3 weeks ago but needed a 2nd op the following night due to a heamatoma so 1/2 my scar was reopened.


How is everyone else coping with their scar?


How is it healing?


What are you using  on it to keep it soft/ help heal?


Mine is a little raised on the RH side of my left ‘breast’ then 2 inches lovely and flat then the rest to under  my armpit  a little puckered but improving weekly.


I am using Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel 3 x a day 


Anything else I can do to help it heal as good as possible as I scar easily- 


Look8ng forward to hearing how you are all doing x

I’m like you and had two separate surgeries following one 12 years ago. To be honest my scarring is horrendous. I could body double for a shark attack victim. It’s not healing well second time around either. I had the mastectomy 28/2 then was opened up again 4/4 when they shaved the chest muscle and also did the axillary node clearance. I’m not just flat, I’m concave, there’s loads of puckering on my chest. In short. It’s nothing like the neat scar I had after the initial surgery 12 years ago. It’s a mess.

oh Sally that is not good, are you using anything on your scar or massaging etc?

I’ve been using oilatum round the edges but I have to be careful because there’s still an open oozing wound in part of it. I daren’t fiddle too much for fear of opening it up or infecting it.

Hi all
I had mx and reconstruction in April- plastic surgeon recommended bio oil or vitamin cream on scars everyday once healed to ‘flatten’ the scars. Will try as lots of scars on back and under arm from SNB.