Scary time

Hiya, new to the site, i was diagnosed in September, had a single mastectomy and now waiting to know about treatment and my lymph node results… i have already had a fluid build up, they drained 110ml from me.


Hi Jo


Welcome to the site. You are fortunate to have found it so early (I was mid-treatment before I did) but the warmth and understanding of those who’ve been there/done that can’t be found elsewhere!


Yes, it’s without doubt a scary time. Unfortunately, there are a lot of what feel like unreasonable waits. You WILL get used to it. Presumably you’re sore after surgery? Once the drain is out, it’s easier.


I’d advise you to take a trusted friend to the ‘results’ appointment. It may well be good news - straight onto hormone therapy or radiotherapy/hormone therapy. If it’s bad news, it’s such a shock, even when you’re steeled for it, that little goes in and you don’t ask the right questions. A friend can make notes and remind you of questions you want to ask. I recall last October (2019) just sitting in silence, past caring after a series of results from ‘nothing to worry about’ to needing the full works. But I truly treasured my own PA, as I called her - a gem.


Meantime, keep up with the exercises. They actually are as essential as they stress (for once!). No shirking. I hope your appointment is soon and you get a good outcome. If you don’t, there are loads of us who know what it’s like and are still here to tell the tale. That will be you in six months, all being well. Take care - you have to be your no 1 priority now.


Jan x PS. Don’t google anything from now on - ask the nurses on the phone number above but googling causes a lot of upset!