SCOTTISH WIDOWS CRITICAL ILLNESS COVER - has anyone made a c Hi everyone and hope you are all doing well.

I was dx with grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma ER+ breast cancer in December. Fortunately no lymph node involvement although I have since been told there were cells within the blood vessels (tad confused about this). I had a lumpectomy, lymoh node removal and had to have a further operation 2 weeks later. 6x FEC to start in 3 weeks and 4x weeks rads after followed by Tamoxofen.

I was just wondering if anyone had Scottish Widows Critical Illness cover and made a claim.

As I was a young single mother I took out a Scottish Widows life insurance and critical illness cover in 2001 so my daughter should be well looked after if anything terrible happened.

When I was diagnosed 29th December ‘06’ I went to the bank to see what this covered (i didn’t even realise I had critical illness cover). I was at the time more concerned about paying bills and rent with having so much time off work etc.
I was suprised to find out that I could make a claim under the critical illness cover.
I have filled out the forms along with the forms from my GP and my surgeon.
My surgeon and bank manager seem to think the claim will go through succesful and I should be entitled to the amount.

I am 28 years old and in so much debt I feel like i’m drowning, I’m trying so hard not to get my hopes ups but surely something good has to come out of this.
I am terrified of starting chemo in a few weeks, I’m terrified at 28 that I may never have anymore children especially as I am soon to marry the man of my dreams and I am terrified of a reoccurence else where.
I’m clinging onto the happy thought of maybe being for once in my life financially stable and now i’m terrified i’ve got my hopes up.
I know money isn’t everything but at this sad time it would really help.

I would be so gratefull to know if anyone else has gone through this situation.

Many thanks,

Mandy xxx

For Mandy I discovered I had a critical illness policy not for a large amount. Lost about 18months on it because that’s how long it took me to come across it after diagnosis, it was a policy that I took out when we had an advance on our mortgage. Much to my surprise ('cause I was expecting some sort of clause ) they paid out it wasn’t a Scottish Widow policy though. Quite a few people on these forums have had critical illness policies paid out.

Good luck


Hi Mandy,

I don’t have critical illness with the same company.
However,I recently discovered that I too had this type of cover, hadn’t realised, and have put in a claim myself.
I do know that breast cancer is covered by critical illness and from reading on here of others experiences that there is no problem with paying out if the cancer is invasive. That said, I don’t know if ‘breast cancer’ is covered full stop.

Good Luck with your claim.

It’s a definite Mandy,

I had critical illness cover (different company, but they all have the same criteria) and I received a very tidy sum after about 5 months delay, when they lost reports etc.

The key thing is that it’s invasive as they don’t pay out for DCIS. You’re right that it’s one good thing out of a bad deal. Obviously we would prefer not to be facing this at all, but I hope this money makes it a bit easier all round. You will get it, I’m absolutely sure, so keep pressing them for the cheque, as I thought they were deliberately slow in paying out

The chemo and the radio were not half as bad as I feared and I was back at work half way through the chemo.

Good Luck. It sounds like you’ve got a lot to be happy about, so head down and get through the next few months, then it’s on with the rest of your life.


Hi Kim

Sorry to be thick about this but you mention you lost about 18 months on your policy, and I’m wondering what that means.

I only discovered I had a critical illness policy 1 year into treatment, do they reduce the amount they pay you due to the delay?


For Jackie They only paid out from the date I claimed not on the date of diagnosis.
The policy was took out alongside a small repayment mortgage. The mortgage had reduced by just over a thousand pounds from the time I was diagnosed to when I claimed. If I had of claimed immediatley after diagnosis I would have been a thousand pounds plus the premiums I had been paying in that time better off. I was cross with myself for not realising i had the cover earlier,I came across it while looking for some other paperwork. My own fault really.

Hopefully the company you are with will be more flexible. Hunting through insurance policies is not the first thing on your mind when you have the diagnosis and treatment to deal with is it?

Good luck


Ahh that makes sense ,thanks Kim.

Hubbie seems to remember a conversation along those same lines when he phoned to check if BC was coveredby the policy. I think they mentioned backdating it to date of claim only.
At the time I was quite worried I was too late to put in a claim at all.

Must admit we only stumbled across this ourselves.

Would have been so handy if there had been a suggestion to check in the information folder we were given on dx alongside the other money matters.

I guess this is just another way the insurers make their money off us.


critcal illness cover Hi there

I used to work for a company linked with Scottish Widows, I had critical illness cover when I was diagnosed and can confirm they paid out with no problem at all. The forms were sent to me, I think with sections for both my GP and Surgeon to complete. I didn’t have to obtain a redemption figure for my mortgage, and they actually paid out a bit more than was left on the mortgage, clearing it competely, it was a huge relief.

Everything was dealt with professionally and sympathetically and I would certainly recommend the company to others.

I have a friend who is a financial consultant and he told me that someone he knew made a similar claim, there was a slight administrative delay, but they actually paid out and backdated the payment and interest to compensate, can’t get much better than that.

Hope that helps along with the other useful comments

All the best


Scottish Widdows i had a scottish widdows critical illness cover and it was my husband who realised we may be able to make a claim.

Apart from my gp losing my notes, which delayed things a bit, they were pretty helpful and settled the claim within about 6 weeks!

Hope you get sorted soon and that it eases the financial burden. Go out and treat yourself to something you want - even if its totally ridiculous and useless !!! I did!!!

Take care and hope all goes well for you


You should get it Hi Mandy

I had critical illness cover too, although my policy was with legal and general.

Mine paid out within about 6-8 weeks after i filled in the forms.

I think what others have said about the key thing - being invasive will almost certainly make you qualify for the payout that you are entitled too.

The lumpsum that i was paid made my life a hell of a,lot easier as i have no mortgage now , i know given the choice i’d rather have my health and a mortgage, but your right something good has to come out of this situation we dont ask to be in.

Good luck with making your claim…


Critical illness payout too!!! Hi Mandy and all others!

I too had critical illness cover and they paid with no delay or chasing at all…mastectomy Nov 16 and paid New Years Eve…I was with Winterthur and also had Grade 3. It was a great relief and I enjoy a debt free life now. We went mad last year and went on a cruise after treatment…brilliant.

I am also with Beth in agreeing that Chemo was OK, I too worked through my whole treatment and felt fine. Also had no tiredness with rads and again worked throughout - sometimes I wonder what all the fuss is about!!! A positive attitude and being open is so important.

Good luck and enjoy the money - you will get it.