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I find that car seat belts are uncomfortable. Halfords have said that the device you could attach to act as a supplementary lock (holding the belt slightly away from the body) is no longer available. Does anyone know if that’s true or is there somewhere else you can get them? If not, does anyone have any ideas to safely stop seatbelts crushing you? At the moment, I travel with one hand holding the belt away from me but this isn’t recommended! Also, not easy to do when driving yourself.

Hi Ingrid
Same situation, not so bad as a passenger as my op was on the left side. My daughter adjusted the height of the seat belt which helped a bit but I still find myself constantly pushing the belt away or holding it. It did improve a little before rads but now I’m sore from that I try to avoid driving if I can. Sorry I’ve no useful advice but would also be happy to hear others ideas.
Caz x

If all else fails there is the option to ask your GP for an exemption from wearing a seat belt. From the Department of Transport website:

But drivers or passengers will not have to wear a belt if they are granted a valid medical exemption certificate from a medical practitioner. It is solely for the medical practitioner to decide whether or not to give a certificate.

I suppose that then, if push comes to shove, you can at least wear the seatbelt as a ‘lap’ bet with the offending part behind you.

PS if any Mum’s have used the ‘Rite Angle Seat Belt Positioner’ from Halfords, maybe they could see if it would be of any use to ‘adjust’ the belt away from the sensitive area?

You can buy a sort of foam pad that wraps around the seat belt and is a bit softer than the belt itself. My scar is in the upper left inside quadrant and the belt goes right over it, whether as passenger or driver, and yet, it is a nuisance. For what it is worth, it has become easier as time has gone on, I sort of got used to it and now I hardly notice it.

Hi Irenebo

where did you buy it?


The Penny Brohn centre (formerly Bristoll Cancer Help) sell something that goes around the seatbelt. You can order by post and possibly online.


many, many thanks Anne

Hi Room, Clothes-Peg works -

A friend was taking me back and forth in car - I was automatically holding on to the seat belt without thinking (I needed it to be away from my breast!) - My friend lent over and handed me a clothes peg! - it seemed a ‘weired’ thing to do at the time - after they explained the ins and outs and importance of clothes pegs in cars - I clipped it up at the point where the seat belt comes out and it stopped exactly where I needed it! Wonderful :o)

Hope this helps -

Caroline xx

Hello everyone

I have found that having a small “squishy” cushion tucked between me and the seat belt helps.There is a stall on our local market that sells them in all shapes and sizes. A small cylindrical one is ideal as it is big enough to hold belt away from left breast but small enough not to get in way too much.Certainly makes putting up with my husbands driving more comfy!!!
Take care

thanks for all your responses - I will certainly try the soft pad and peg options. I’ve got my first long journey tomorrow since all this started so it will be good to try them out then.

Hello Ingrid
Good luck on your journey tomorrow. If your car has the sort of seat belts that explode in an accident ( cant remember the posh name for them now but most new cars are fitted with this type) be careful about where you place the peg. The lady in Halfords said they no longer made the clips as they could be dangerous in an accident. I know when my husband crashed the car, Unhurt but it cost him loads of chocs and flowers!!, Both seat belt housings completely disintegrated. Sorry to sound so miserable but better safe than sorry,
best wishes