Second attempt to achieve symmetry

I had surgery at the end of July to reduce my good breast to match the other. But the result wasn’t great, there is still a significant size difference and  my nipples are still way out of line. So I’m having another operation in two weeks to reduce it some more and move the nipple again. This time I’ve been warned the healing could be more difficult, because the nerves and blood supply to the nipple won’t be as good this time. I did have two lots of surgery to my BC side, and the nipple was repositioned each time, without problems.


I know they have to warn you of the risks, so I’m hoping this will be okay. But then, I never imagined the first operation wouldn’t be successful, I thought symmetrising  surgery was fairly routine. Has anyone else had problems with nipple repositioning?



Hi Dizzybee


I’m sorry to hear tha tthe result of your reconstruction wasn’t great.


Some of our volunteers have been in a similar position of not feeling satisfied with the cosmetic result, then having further surgery. If you’d like to speak to any of them, you can email with you name and number and we’ll get in touch to arrange this for you.


All the best

Emily from Breast Cancer Care