second little op

Im sorry to be on this fantastic site again… but Ifeel  on here Iam amongst friends

i am going  back in on Thursday  for what they call a"shave". I had a lumpectomy  four-5weeks ago. ( after surgery the surgeon  did say one in four people have to go back)the pathology  results showed  some surrounding cells were “dci”… Im so grateful that we have the systems to show these results and I know its better to be safe than sorry.BUT… my boob is still so sore… it feels like it is being stretched inside…some times if i turn my head the pull extends even more. Is it normal to still feel SO tired… snd im not at this point on any  medication. I am an active generally  positive 51 yr old. I have been… i think. . Realy brave …i dont want to stress my family out but  thank god for the shower where  i can cry without any one knowing.

has anyone else been in and had this “shave” could i ask how you felt after ? And what plan you were on after?

Thank you in advance xx

Hi Lizj, I don’t have any answers but how about talking to the breast care nurses here, they’re usually full of good advice & could point you in the right direction. Let your tears out is what I’m told most of the time. Sending you a virtual hug & hope you get answers soon. Rosetint xx

Hi there


I think your team is referring to clearing the margins from your lumpectomy.  I had to have this procedure, and found it a much quicker recovery.  There was only 9 days between my operations so not a full  time to recover.  The surgeon went in at the same incision point so no further scarring.  the operation itself was quicker to I think I was down for about half hour.  All in all it was definitely not so problematic and I recovered, back to usual activities 3 days after instead of 10 days for the first operation.  HOpe it goes well for you. xxx

Hello Liz


I have just returned from Hospital  today having had my 2nd Op this morning as the pathology results showed more dcis than could be seen on mammograms.  My 1st Op was 5 weeks ago today and like you I was feeling stretched inside and niggles of pain, but pleased to say that I feel much better after today’s op than I did after the 1st.  Moving better and don’t feel as restricted.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that my lovely surgeon managed to get it all but I won’t know for another 3 weeks.  If he did then it willl be radiotherapy for me and if not then mastecomy, but I will deal with all as and when:)).


If you want any more details let me know


best wishes


A xx