Second lumpectomy

I’ve been stalking these forums and had hoped to move quickly onto radiotherapy after my lumpectomy in mid-January.  I was diagnosed early Jan and was scheduled for surgery late Jan when there was a cancellation a week earlier, so that was great.  I had a WLE on the localised cancerous lump as well as the removal of a milk duct that was discharging blooody fluids and two lymph nodes.  Results earlier this week showed that there wasnt’ a good margin at the top of the lump and they found more DCIS cells scattered about, so going in again in 2 weeks for second lumpectory and removing another section.


The consultant did warn me that if they can’t get a good margin this time, a masectomy might be required - I’m so frustrated and depressed by it all.  I’m going through the “why me” phase - I’m fit and healthy being a runner, have a balanced and healthy diet, not overweight, never smoked and only drink moderately.  I am 53 and having suffered badly from the effects of menopause for 2 years, my GP finally recommended HRT 3 years ago.  It certainly helped as I was also working.


I know it could be worse but a recent conversation with a friend did make me worry if the HRT was a cause of the BC but why now?  I’m racked by guilt that maybe I could have prevented this if I wasn’t taking HRT but another friend, a GP, said I cannot torture myself with this as a lot of people with BC do not take HRT.  Does anyone have any HRT-related or non-related information to share?  I’ve searched the forum but the posts were from a few years ago and I’ll be interested if there’s been any recent experience with this.


I’m on an emotional roller-coaster but trying to get a grip with it all - it hasn’t been easy, with good and bad days - today being a bad one and just wonder if I’m really crying over spilt milk.



Oh, just wanted to give you a hug Clawrn.  You’ve every right to feel pants - I went through a second WLE, had 2 small lumps & DCIS.  Nearly went for a mastectomy instead of second WLE, as couldn’t face the thought of a third op - but luckily second was ok.  I don’t know anything about HRT, but I do know that feeling guilty over things that might or might not have contributed to your BC is a real waste of time and only makes you feel bad as there is nothing you can do to change it now anyway. As you say, there are many people who have none of the ‘contributory’ factors, and yet they still get it. There are no hard and fast rules in this game. You owe it to yourself to spend all your energy on anything that will HELP you and make you feel better in any way you can.

You are at the beginning of all this, but do rest assured that there will be times when you will feel calmer. All of us here know how you feel and understand, so keep looking in and posting, we will do what we can.  There will be lots of up and down times, but all bad times do pass and hang on to the up ones. :cathappy:xxx