Second Operation and clear margins

Hi I am currently recovering after a second operation to remove Lobular BC, my margins were not clear enough as the lump was bigger than expected.

My question is, after loosing quite a bit of my breast now, would I be able to opt for a mastectomy if a third one was needed? I know there is little chance of a third one being needed but there is a significant change in my breast size already and worrying it will look worse if I have to have another. I was originally given the choice to save the breast or have a mastectomy and I choose to save it, just wondering if I made the right choice.

I have been told that once I have had any treatment, probably chemo and radiotherapy, I can have the shape etc of my breast looked at and reconstructed if necessary, has anyone else had this option who has not had a mastectomy? It’s quite upsetting seeing the difference in breast size at the moment, although I guess I will get use to it but already my bra is partly empty one side compared to the other side.

I know it sounds silly, the important thing is to be rid of BC and the rest can wait but it’s playing on my mind.

Also, a tip for any ladies about to have a local excision, my nurse game me a pair of mesh knickers that she cut the crutch out of and told me to wear as a boobtube and it was heaven compared to a bra. So comfortable, I even forget I’m wearing it, my district nurse thought it was a great idea too. Just thought I’d mention it

Best wishes to you all xxx

Hi SueDerbyshire,

This doesn’t sound silly at all, it’s a really important consideration because it affects how you feel in yourself.

As you haven’t received a reply yet from others making a similar choice, it might be worth asking your question about a mastectomy on the Ask Our Nurses board as well as they’ll be able to give you a medical answer about your options there:

You can also give them a call on 0808 800 6000.

Take care,

Becca at Breast Cancer Care.

Hi Becca, thank you for your reply and reassurance. My breasts are two different sizes and although I know I can use a padded bra but if the smaller breast is pushed the cup of the bra has an indent and it’s obvious through a top there is a problem there, if that makes sense.

I will add my question to the nurses area, just don’t want to take up their time when there are lovely ladies that need their help more than myself.

Thank you again and take care xxx

Hello Sue,


You have been through a lot.  It is not silly to think about these things.


Whilst you are considering things, would it be helpful to be referred/get appointment with prosthetics?  They don’t do just full boobs but also prosthetics for people who have had lumpectomiea. Of course, you would need to be healed a little from surgery but there are always the softie types as well.


Wishing you all the best x

Hi chick1, thank you for your reply and advice.

I’m going to see my surgeon Thursday to get my results of my last operation , hoping to get clear margins this time and also to find out if I have to have chemo so will ask then.

I just feel silly they won’t think a different cup size is enough to do anything about. After all, I’m still here so know I’m really lucky and so what if I have different size breasts

Thanks again. I hope you are well. Take care xxx