Second primary breast cancer having R mastectomy

Hi I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast for the second time. It’s another primary 18months between the two breast diagnoses. I also had cervical cancer 6 months ago (another primary) and had a radical hysterectomy but retained my ovaries) I’m 42yrs old. Anyway I have a choice to make about reconstruction which I am super happy I can get done at the same time as my mastectomy. I am leaning towards a diep but I don’t have much extra fat on my body but just enough to reconstruct if they dont do a straight across hip to hip scar. I just want to know how hard the recovery was after a diep flap and if anyone has had a hysterectomy In the year prior. It’s a really hard decision to make on whether to do diep or implant based reconstruction seeing it’s only one breast.

Hi. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this a third time. I have no frame of reference as I’ve only had DCIS and a lumpectomy four weeks ago

You will need to speak to your oncologist because if you will need radiation you can’t have implants until after the radiation. Speak to your Doctors about all your options and then you’ll be able to make a more informed decision. Best of wishes and prayers for your treatment x

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Hi @kelly82
Sorry to hear that you are going through this decision it is a really tough one that I have been through in the last few months. I found asking lots of questions of my surgical team helped me arrive at a decision that was right for me, as there will be various options available to you and your treatment choice must be right for you. My most challenging questions were about options if I had breast cancer in my other breast again, having had successful breast cancer treatment previously in 2020, the conclusion by the plastics and breast surgeons was that a bilateral procedure would be my best option, I am now so relieved that I asked about this.

I also, found looking on this forum, the main Breast Cancer Now and other websites such as restore and keeping abreast were useful and helped inform my decision to ask the questions I did.

I am 2 weeks post bilateral mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction, I did have just enough body fat for the procedure and I am recovering well and able to go for short but slow walks of about 1 mile already. My new boobs look and feel fantastic even without the nipples.

I wish you all the best with your decision, if you have more questions this is a great place to get advice and support, xx

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Thank you summer sunshine I too am wondering if I should be getting bilateral mastectomy my Dr says I’m no more likely to get it in the other breast but having had cancer 3x now I don’t want to take the risk. Thank you for the sites you mentioned I shall have a look at them. Good luck with your recovery I see the general surgeon on Monday so I will get more informed on whether I should be pushing for both. Thanks

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Thank you jaynie for your reply I had radiation the first time so can not get it a second time unfortunately. Best of luck with your recovery.