Second surgery

I’ve just had a full mastectomy 3weeks ago which was a complete shock as I had no lump and just noticed my nipple inverting in May - I had five lymph nodes removed and I’ve now got to go back in 3weeks to have another operation to have the rest removed on the same side to make sure there’s no spread - has anyone else had to have this done? Im very conscious about the risk of lymphoedema with another operation so soon after the first! 


I had a mastectomy and at the three-week appt was told needed Axillary clearance. I was booked in, and it was 5 weeks after my mastectomy so was nicely healing. I had the op on Tues this week. Luckily they did not need to fully open the lovely healed wound they just extended the incision up and under my armpit. I expected it to be similar to the mastectomy but my arm is a lot less mobile this time around. The numbness under the armpit feels like I have a rolled-up towel under it. The pain does go across the back a little too this time. I am having to take it steadier this time and keep up with the pain relief. The exercises are not as easy to do either. But I am thrilled they left the main mastectomy scar alone. I am just keeping my eye out for any swelling or heat, but other than that I’m not treating it any different to the mastectomy. 

Hope that helps.