Second taxotere

Decided to go for second cycle of taxotere after all your advice despite the horrors of the first dose.

I prepared myself with loads of morphine before the infusion and booked 5 days of work in advance.

Definitely not as bad this time and I am so grateful to speaking to you lot or I would never have had this second dose and my tumour markers are slightly down after only one. Omly problem is that I am completely constipated from high doses of morphine I am taking but got to be better than the bony pain that taxotere brought.

Love and thanks for all ylour support and advice

Rosdubh x

Glad it went better and hope it continues to go well.
There’s loads somewhere about constipation. Drink plenty, eat high fibre foods and see your GP re getting something like movicol. Constipation is awful.

Hi - I have also suffered terrible constipation while on painkillers - ironic that the painkillers could cause so much pain! I ended up shelling out a small fortune to have somebody look at my rear end just to reassure me that I hadn’t done any long term damage.

Can I recommend getting in a supply of movicol even if you don’t need it just yet? It really does do the trick and when you are on the loo struggling it’s too late to tootle off to the chemists.


I have posted this on behalf of new user Larua

Best wishes Sam (BCC Facilitator)

I am new to the site, but on reading everyone’s comments am overwhelmed by how much advice people that are going through the same thing give each other!!

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago and had a mastectomy of the left breast. She was not given chemo or radiotherapy after this and was given the all clear!

Then 3 years ago she developed a cough which just wouldn’t go away, and after going to the doctor, being referred to the hospital, and having CT scans she was told her breast cancer had developed into secondary lung cancer. She was given FEC at this time, and whilst was very tired and lost her hair, she was not sick at all, which was a blessing.

At the same time she was told she had secondary bone cancer and still to this day receives bone treatment for this. The oncologist has told us that the bone cancer is not really anything to worry about as it can be treated for years.

Last February I was on holiday when mum was having a routine CT scan, and when I came back she told me that the cancer had now spread as secondary breast cancer into her liver. She commenced more chemo, intravenous, and after another scan the tumours had shrank. Yippeee!!

However only two weeks ago we have been told the tumor has grown by at least 4 times it’s size, and there are also more deposits in the liver. She commenced Taxotere last Thursday and seemed to be fine, until Saturday! She went out to the shops and collapsed while there with terrible pains in her side, and above her right arm. The emergency doctor told us that it is classic liver enlargement signs. Mum’s cancer nurse has told her that this is to be expected however they didnt want to tell her that initially incase she didnt get this side effect, and was waiting on it to happen.

There are so many different forums here, and it seems that there are so many people talking about Taxotere being horrific, but if anyone can give advice it would be much appreciated.

I have always been so strong throughout this happening to mum, I am an only child, and last year my grandmother, mum’s mum passed away, which left a huge hole in our life. She used to help me be strong, as I did her, and now that she is not here I am struggling with coping with things. I am terrified something bad is going to happen to mum and after her bad experience on Saturday - really shook up. My Dad wont talk to me about it, but on Saturday he telephoned me to tell me about mum and was in tears on the phone.

Sorry if this sounds all about me and not the person dealing with the cancer, but I really would like some advice if anyone can give me it.

Laura :slight_smile:

Laura - I think when it is happening to your mum it is always very difficult to come to terms with as usually mums stay important to us whatever age we are.
I’m a little unsure what advice you are asking for - think my brain isn’t fully functional tonight!!
Taxotere does give different side effects to different people. Often people get a lot of joint pains about 5 days after the chemo and sore mouths, diarrhoea and/or constipation can be problems as well. I think most people would say try to rest but also ensure you do some ‘normal’ things in the day if possible. I’m amazed your mum felt well enough to go shopping and not surprised she collapsed as it sounds quite strenuous to do 3 days after chemo. What a horrendous thing to happen though.
I’m not sure if it was right not to tell your mum about anticipated pain but everyone has their own opinions on what people should be told about side effects of chemo and symptoms of liver disease. I’m sure you and your parents have their own opinion on that one.
It must be so scary for you and often men, like your dad, find it so hard to talk about what is happening so that is difficult for you especially as you say you are an only child. i’m sorry your dad won’t talk to you about your mum. Do you think they would let you go to some of the consultations as that might help you.
Have you posted on friends and family part of the forum as I think they can probably give you a lot of help and support on the emotional level and also ring the helpline at BCC as they are very good and am sure they can help you with questions etc. Sorry that is not a brush off but meant to help you cos as you say there are so many forums and threads here.
Sorry not to be more helpful but if you are more specific my poor chemo’d brain should be able to help you a bit more.
Thinking of you and your family

Dear Laura

It sounds as though you and you family are going through a very difficult and worrying time and as Kate has suggested, if you feel it would help you are welcome to call our helpline for further support and a ‘listening ear’. The helpline number is 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Best wishes