Second time lucky.

I did post m ytale of woe which took ages to type on my phone but it appears to have disappeared. Basically after being messed around for two years I have finally had a mastectomy and now have to habe axillary clearance tomorrow, probably due to delays in treatment because of one hospital sending me away saying I just had scar tissue from previous (different) cancer and another hospital losing my mammogram result for ten weeks.

Does anyone else not have confidence in treatment they are receiving due to errors made and general inefficiency?

Sorry to hear what you’ve been through, Sally. No wonder you don’t have confidence in the system.
Have you submitted a complaint about this?
Wishing you well with it all
ann x

I was told in January there’s a big internal investigation going on into what what wrong and why my mammogram wasn’t acted on until I got on to PALS. I was promised a copy of the report but so far I’ve heard nothing. When I do they will be getting it back with big red corrections on it cos I’m sure it won’t be right.

It’s not just that though, it’s error after error after error. Twice my initial appointments at the third hospital (a major London teaching hospital) where I was referred for surgery because locally they don’t do reconstruction, was cancelled. I was then not able to have reconstruction due the the cancer being more advanced than initially thought, probably due to the delay. Even after surgery I was sent home with spare bottles for the drain that didn’t fit, I was stuck on a urology ward when I had my surgery because no one noticed I needed to go in the day before surgery not on the day due to being insulin dependant diabetic, even though I phoned and told them and asked if I needed to go in the day before. Every time they mess up I get told, sorry that shouldn’t have happened, but then it does, again and again.

I will be putting in a complaint once I’m through all my surgeries and whatever other treatment I may have and I’m seriously considering suing as well.

I’ve had to nag and complain every step of the way for anything to get done, right down to shouting at yet another doctor who scanned me and said there was nothing wrong to look at me because you could see there was clearly something wrong! Then she took biopsies and the cancer showed up. I had an 11cm tumour removed. I feel like I’m dealing with idiots the whole time.