Secondaries in peritoneum and ovaries

hi everyone,

Ive recently had a scan that showed progression on both ovaries and numerous spots on my peritoneum (the lining of the abdomen) . Is there anyone else with experience of either of these? I’m feeling some discomfort in the ovary area. I’m waiting for a gynaecologist appt to get a biopsy done and the plan is to start on Kadcyla if the cells are still HER2 positive. I’d love to hear from anyone else in the same boat. I’m wondering if they will remove my ovaries and if anything can be done directly to the peritoneal tumours



Hi Jacksy.  I was diagnosed in Oct 2012 and a scan showed up -“definate shadows in the peritoneal area which are probably cancer”-   Also have mets in bones 


on seeing my onc to start treatment at the-end of November 2012 I questioned the -‘probably’-    And he told me that it WAS cancer.


my cancer is ER+8/8 and they put on Letrozole.  After 6 months I had a scan which showed -"peritoneal area almost completely resolved’.     And then a year later another scan which said it was -‘no longer showing’-


i cannot comment on whether they will remove your ovaries.  It may depend on whether you are pre or post menopause, but I could be wrong.  Do YOU want them removed if so I would ask


after my first mastectomy they found that I also had several primaries in my other breast, I asked them to do a mastectomy and remove it, they were vety reluctant at first but I hated it being there and when I had a very good response to Letrozole and falling tumour markers they agreed.  I did pester a bit but sometimes I Think we have to 


I know lots of ladies still have primaries they told me that once the cancer has spread that it is futile to operate,  but I really feel much happier with both of mine gone…

Hi there 


last October I started to get a distended abdomen … Not much else . Went to GP as advised by my team and after a few GP type first line treatments , I had a CT scan . This showed clear but the Onky was sure it was Peritoneal mets . I wanted something more tangible so went for weighted MRI but again nothing . Also nothing  in the bloods every one within normal range including CA125 tumour marker test hey say gives good indication of protein produced if mets in peritoneum . He still believes it’s mets there so I am now awaiting another weighted MRI in Feb … In the meantime I’ve been on a gluten free diet , changing all my GP type meds , co codomol , Movicol etc one at a time to see if that helps. Had this for three and a half months now so I’d have thought something would show by now … I’m sorry your having to wait round after the Crimbo Holibobs … Me too … You do have company ?.. I will also be changing to Kadcyla if we get the tangible proof im after as Her2 positive xx I had a hysterectomies my back in 2009 so no overaries for me … But if you feel better with them gone then I’d push for it . It’s key hole surgery … Cancer is as much phsycological as it is physical xxx 

Hi new to the forum.but have been reading it for ages.great help…i had swollen stomach.ct showed peritoneal mets.and 2013.capecitabine.completely resolved peritoneal.worked for over year
Then was changed to letrozole.didn’t work
Peritoneal back.also 3liver mets.stomach drained before docetaxol.
First one bad.second one 4th Jan.hasnt been as bad…thanks.x

Kadcyla started last Friday . All went in ok ? 


Have be kept weighted MRI for 4th Feb and they will use that as a baseline for me . The CT and last MRI showed no fluid at all. Waiting to see if symptoms subside with treatment . They seem to think two to three cycles before any results. 


I really didn’t want to change but felt with the symptoms I had no choice . If it got a hold it can get really nasty so I went for it . Now O pray it does the job :heart: 


How owe are you ladies getting on ?