Secondaries in the peritoneum

Hello, this is my first post

In June last year and 16 years after finishing treatment for primary breast cancer, I was diagnosed with secondaries in the peritoneum.  I had a bone scan because peritoneum and bones normally go hand in hand but my bones were clear.

I started on letrozole and palbociclib and have been doing reasonably well.  However, my last scan showed the start of a build up of fluid (my original symptom) so we need to look at different treatment options.  I’ve been given information on Exemestane + Everolimus and Capecitabine so I can have an informed discussion with my oncologist at my next appointment.  

Any experience on either treatment would be much appreciated.

Hi Susiey,

I have had secondaries to the liver, bones and peritoneum since 2017.

I had Capecitabine and lasted on that for almost a year and the side effects were bearable. I am about to change to my fifth different treatment as there has been some progression. My oncologist was looking at Everolimus but then realised that there is a stipulation that the patient cannot have had more than one line of chemotherapy for metastatic bc. Unfortunately that means I cannot have it so looking at other options. May just be worth keeping this in mind for the future as we have to change treatments so many times and this treatment can it be given once you have had two or more types of chemotherapy.

Take care.