? secondaries

hi all
have not posted for a long time, been busy trying to put it all behind me
had my breast ca diagnosis followed by surgery and radiotherapy 2005 and been relatively well since
few months ago back pain bothering me, i went to my gp
a bone scan followed which showed a hot spot in liver and an increased uptake of the isotope on my right kidney
have since had abdo xray ultrasound and most recently ct
attended urologist last tue who confirmed a tumour but stated i need to have
a biopsy as the results have been indeterminate
scheduled for wednesday, i am terrified of secondaries being found in my kidney
by the way, liver hot spot was a haemangioma, which is benign
can anyone out there tell me what to expect from the biopsy and if they have kidney secondaries

Hi Ann

Thankfully I don’t have any symptoms for secondaries, but my hubby did have a kidney biopsy in 1999.

He went into Preston as a day case and from how he described it it seemed to be a similar procedure to a core biopsy. He had it done in the morning and had to lie still for the rest of the day. As there had been no bleeding, he came home in the evening. His was not cancer but his kidneys had been damaged by the anti-inflammatories he took for his arthritus. He had to take it easy for a couple of days.

Hope it goes well and that it isn’t secondaries.

Take care
Marilyn x

Thanks for your reply. Biopsy done on wednesday, waiting begins for results.
As you know, the worst part.
Take care
Ann x

Hi Annie

I’ve sent you a private message on the other thread. Did they tell you when you will get the results from the biopsy … was it Falkirk or Stirling? I had bone scan in Stirling and phoned GP 2 days later and got results. Hope you don’t have to wait too long and hope that the results are benign.

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I don’t know much about it, but I was asking oncologist about secondaries just the other day…and the usual spots are bones, liver, brain, lung…no mention of kidneys. Fingers crossed for you anyway, hope you find this a bit reassuring whilst you wait.

Thanks for your reassurance Westside Sue
I realise it is rare for breast scondaries to emerge in the kidney, so am trying to be positive.
I think we prepare ourselves for the worst with anything less being a bonus.
I read many threads on the site and they make me realise what i have and im one of the luckier ones, so far.
Nonetheless i worry, cant seem to help it.
I worry that it is metastasis, i worry that its renal cell ca and i hope that its benign.
Will keep you posted
Thanks again for your concern
Take Care
Ann x