Secondary BC in the bone

I have bone mets and am on Letrozole and ibandronic acid. I would like to know if anyone who has secondaries in the bone has the same symptoms as I have. When I sneeze, cough or jump in surprise I get the feeling of a static electric shock which passes through my body. This has only happened since i’ve been suffering from this secondary cancer and I would like to know if these symptoms are common to Bone Mets sufferers.
Cancer is so common and we have so many doctors trying to help us but sometimes I feel that they don’t always know what symptoms we are experiencing.

Hi cremollo jo
I also have bone mets but don’t have this electric shock type feeling. I’ve bumped this up as someone else may be able to help. I hope you are doing well otherwise.
Nicky x

Hi Cremollo…Iwonder if you have discussed this with your onc? I think it would be important to do so fairly soon…particularly if this is a new sensation. It does sound rather like nerve type pain and I guess the concern would be it is connected to pressure on or near your spinal cord. When first diagnosed with a collapsed vertebra I had this sensation just for a millisecond or so when I coughed at the level of the problem…It settled after radiotherapy treatment.If you don’t have direct access to a BC nurse or onc maybe try the BCC helpline. Best wishes Pamx

Hi Cremollo jo, as herbgarden says i would deffo discuss this with your onc, better to ask about it than not. I have been experiencing a similar thing over past couple of weeks, when i wake in the morning, if i yawn while lying on my back i get a sharp nipping pain like a shock, it only lasts a second and that seems to be the only time it happens. I’m also getting a feeling like there is something wrapped tightly around the middle of my back, anyone else had this? I will be asking my onc about it when i see her on thurs.

Herbgarden what kind of feeling did you experience when you had collapsed disc and where in your spine was it?

Pumpkin x

Hi pumpkin et al
Sorry to hear that you are experiencing unusual pains .
I remember my onc telling me to contact them if I felt any unusual pain in my back in case it was spinal cord compression.
Symptoms she spoke about were
Back pain on movement
Numbness in feet or legs
Leg weakness
Unable to pass urine

This doesn’t sound like you But maybe you would like to have a look at symptoms just in case?
Hope you all get some pain free rest x

Hi Pumpkin,
I’ll take your points one at a time! The vertebra that collapsed was T4. Actually prior to it being diagnosed the pain and electric shock like sensation on coughing or sneezing improved. They interpreted that as less/no pressure on cord once vertebra had collapsed.
The symptoms Magda has been told to look out for (appart from pain) are once pressure on or damage to the cord has occurred. Prior to that you may get symptoms when the pressure in your chest cavity is increased by coughing or sneezing ( or yawning) whcih improves once the pressure is reduced again.
Other nerves come of the spinal cord at each level and run through little holes (“foramina”) between the vertebra to supply sensation/pain etc more or less at the level of the vertebra. Pressure on these may cause “radicular symptoms” ie pain or altered sensation that runs around your body.I think this may be what you are describing…therefore a good idea to discuss on thursday!
Best wishes Pamx

Hello Pumpkin
Sarcath here from the other thread. I have been wondering how you and Dugsy were doing.
Actually came on to post an ‘Anyone else had this?’ query. It sounds as if you have. I have this really tight feeling round my chest/ribs from waist to armpits - it feels as if I am strapped tightly into something. It started before I finished the taxol and I assumed it was yet another SE. But it is not clearing up and , if anything, is worse.
I wonder what your onc said about it - I have another 2 weeks till appointment. Hope you heard something to put your mind at rest.
Best Wishes

Thanks for the responses ladies, i hope you are all doing well.

Hi Sarcath, i havn’t been on for a while and just noticed you had posted a question for me a while back. I had an mri which showed no nerve involvement so they could only put it down to a patch of didease which has always been there since diagnoses, they said radiotherapy might help if it became troublesome, which it wasn’t at the time but is now, a dull aching pain if i’m up and about a lot, so i think it is time for radio and hope this helps.

How did you get on when you went to see onc? what did they say? hope you are doing ok.

Pumpkin x

Hi Pumpkin
Thank you for your interest. Well I got some answers at last! my abdo had been swelling up to the extent I couldn’t fasten any tousers/jeans and felt about to explode. Went to the acute walk in clinic and have to go in tomorrow for ultrasound and insertion of drain. Liver is also enlarged, so not very good news but at least it will be a relief to get the stomach under control! It was good to see a different doctor who really explained things clearly but would not be drawn on what he thought about further treatment - I thought it worth a try!
The constriction I asked you about he put down to pressure from the cancer. I’m still convinced the dreaded taxol had something to do with it! I can see now I should have stopped it much sooner - but shouldn’t my doctor have advised me, I ask myself!
I do hope you are getting some relief from the radio. Is this your first time with radio? I think they told me I had had enough first time around.
Apologies to Bone ladies for straying into your territory but wanted to answer Pumpkin!!
Good luck to one and all

Hi sarcath, I’m sorry to hear what a hard time you are having, i notice this was posted ten days ago and wonder how you are doing?
I havn’t started radio yet as onc waiting for results of Ct i had yesterday, will get results this thurs. I have hed radio before to lumbar region of spine which was ok and did the trick pain wise. other than that i’m feeling pretty good at the moment, hope it lasts!
where are you posting these days so i can keep up with your posts?

I hope the draining wasn’t to bad for yopu and has helped.

Pumpkin x